11 May 16

Sage comments from a friend in the electronics field, on the subject of “smart” guns:

“The only real goal of the current push by leftists for mandating “smart guns” is to give ‘authorities’ (them) the capability to arbitrarily/instantly disable weapons of citizens.

What is the point of legislating a disabling mechanism, without arranging for arbitrary government control over the power to do the disabling? Similar to the ability to remotely shut-down vehicles.

Immobilizing/disarming hapless American citizens without even touching them is almost as cool as being able to freeze their assets, shut-down implanted medical devices, and remotely mess with heating/cooling systems in their homes. What an opportunity for absolute control, and so much more sanitary than gas chambers!

You can understand why the idea is so appealing to liberals/leftists.

The prudent view this as the deadly threat to individual freedom and liberty that it is, and will take steps to insure that his assets, his transportation, and his arms, not to mention his body and his domicile, are never subject to government ‘remote control.’”


Cynical/naive gun-company executives may merely be seeking to “legislate themselves into prosperity” with the “smart gun” idea. But deceitful leftist politicians, who are using them as dupes, have a far more sinister goal in mind!

Of this you may be sure:

“Smart” guns will never find their way into the hands of bodyguards who protect the very same hypocrites who want to force this gimmickery upon the rest of us!

“When one with honeyed words but evil mind persuades the mob, great woes befall the state.”