13 May 16

Something missing?

On Wednesday, an off-duty deputy sheriff was enjoying lunch with his wife at a quiet restaurant in a shopping mall in MA. Without warning, a man crashed his car into the mall entrance, then entered the restaurant and began stabbing people.

The heroic deputy confronted the suspect with his “personally owned” pistol, which he was carrying concealed. Officer fired a single round. Suspect was struck and was DRT. Officer was unhurt.

This officer’s incisive, resolute action doubtless saved a number of innocent lives!

The story was reported in the media, as one would expect, but one thing is missing:

No praise for the heroic officer, nor thanks that he had been armed off duty, which he should have been, nor acknowledgment that good people with guns are the only effective deterrent to such lethal outbursts.

The leftist media has a rule that guns are never to be portrayed in a positive manner, so heroes like this officer are not honored for taking decisive action when it needed to be.

If our officer had tackled this crazed murderer, and had been seriously injured in the process, and the murderer had then gone on to murder others, the media would be falling all over themselves, praising his “restrained intervention.” But, because he correctly and skillfully used his pistol, stopping the murdering instantly, all the media can do is fawn over the poor, misunderstood murderer, forgetting the hero officer altogether.

Our police officer carry guns a reason!

The naive in our ivory-tower media foolishly believe that no use of force, certainly deadly force, by police is ever necessary. But, just listen to their fearful bleat when they’re threatened and plead with police to protect them!

They need to get out more, maybe even learn how to shoot!