16 May 16

War of the Worlds:

This is from a friend in national intelligence. It is nothing new to anyone involved in military intelligence, but the rest of us may need reminding:

“So-called ‘news’ is manufactured. It is routinely used as a weapon.

The single most important and effective weapon in warfare is intelligence, and every military and political victory has its foundation in superior intelligence. By contrast, every defeat is the direct result of relying on poor/flawed intelligence.

Denying your enemy accurate intelligence, while simultaneously deceiving him with defective intelligence is a first/best practice for successful warfare.

Burying important facts regarding threats to our lives, while simultaneously claiming that ‘Islam is a religion of peace… ad nauseam’ represents a deliberate act of denying us the precise intelligence we need to accurately gauge our enemy’s capabilities and intentions, while at the same time supplying us with a patently false narrative that disarms our mentality and degrades our ability to honestly appraise and decode our enemy’s true plans/identity.

Our ever ‘agenda-driven’ news is too often viewed only as innocuous ‘political pandering,’ when in reality, it represents the purposeful and deliberate action of a clever and determined enemy who is working to exterminate all of us, demolish our civilization, take our land and possessions, and replace us with a servile populace that they can control.

‘Routine political pandering by the mainstream media’ is thus specifically manufactured for consumption by the chronically naive… and soon-to-be-dead.

Beware indeed!”

Comment: In this world, civilizations come and go. All naively think they’ll last forever.

None do!

Collectively refusing to face facts is the first clue!

When civilizations want to commit suicide, history unfailingly grants their wish!