30 May 16

Beware of “Common Sense!”

Much gas being expended this election year, and our Second Amendment is a first-tier issue this time!

When aspiring Marxists describe their plans to restrict our rights, always “… for our own good,” they deceitfully label it all “common sense,” assuring us all that destruction of personal liberty and freedom is “just what we need.”

“Universal background checks” are a typical freedom-destroying measure that comes under their definition of “common sense.” Under their version of this “common sense” restriction, you can’t even hand a gun to a family member to shoot at a gun range without becoming a felon! You similarly become a felon when you store your guns at a relative’s home while yours is being remodeled.

The mentally ill should not have guns. Who can object to that? All sounds so “common sense,” until you discover that Democrats have declared political opponents, including all veterans, “mentally ill.”

Those named in “protection orders” should not have guns. Who can object to that? More “common sense,” until, as is currently the case in CA, anyone who claims that you “make then nervous,” even people you don’t know and have never even met, can cause your guns to be confiscated by police, all without you ever being arrested, nor charged with any crime. Despite lies to the contrary, once your guns are thus confiscated, you’ll never see them again!

Mandatory “smart guns!” Who can object to that? Problem is: the technology to make a reliable one doesn’t exist, and probably never will! Sleazy politicians who push this fantasy covet the ability to precipitously “turn off” your guns any time they want. It is a save bet that their own bodyguards will never be equipped with any species of “smart gun!”

Too many guns? Leftists/liberals are already talking about limiting the number of gun you can own. Curious, they never want such restrictions imposted on themselves!

“Criminals shouldn’t have guns!” All high-sounding, but that is already illegal. Has been for my entire lifetime!

When you hear the foregoing from the mouths of aspiring liberals/leftists, notice they never get specific. Liberals never do!

They want control. Nothing else!