21 May 16

2016 NRA Convention, Second Day:

More upon which to report from the vendor area:

There was news from the event’s official hotel, in downtown Louisville, that a group of a dozen clowns were briefly singing anti-gun slogans, before being escorted out. However, at the vendor area, which was some distance away at the Convention Center, there was nothing, as noted yesterday.

More items of note:

My long-time friend, Pete Pi, at Cor-Bon updated me on current demand in serious ammunition. Cor-Bon is well-known for high-performance ammunition. It’s what I carry!

In pistol ammunition, 9mm is far and away the item in greatest demand, followed by 380Auto, and 45ACP. 40S&W is now way down the list, and 357Sig is all but dead. Demand for DPX and Powerball is about equal. Pre-fragmented Glaser ammunition is not as popular, but is in demand for hospital and airport security, where through-and through penetration is a big concern.
My personal choice for general carry is Cor-Bon 9mm+p 115gr DPX, and 45ACP+p 185gr DPX

In rifle ammunition 5.56×45 tops the heap, as one would expect. 7.62×39, 308, and 30 Carbine are down the list but still popular. 300Blk came on strong, but has now leveled-off.

In 5.56×45, 62gr DPX is the best way to go. The less expensive MPR line of lead-core ammunition is also popular, particularly in 77gr.

We saw the line of M1 Carbines, now manufactured by Inland in Dayton, OH. They are wonderful! All new parts, beautiful walnut stocks. 15-rnd magazines too! We’ll have a copy soon. Inland now joins Kahr and Fulton Armory is making this great little rifle.

As always, I’m amazed at the number of companies making ARs and 1911s! Just when I think I’m familiar with them all, I find manufacturers I never heard of!

Equally interesting is the number of companies making AR triggers. I’ve used triggers from Geissele, Wisconsin Trigger, and Bill Wilson, and all are very satisfactory. Yet, I saw a dozen manufacturers today who were new to me.

Of greatest note were two: Blackhawk and Velocity Triggers. Both are “single-stage.” That is, there is no “take-up” (or “slack”).

Blackhawk’s new AR trigger, called the “Blaze,” uses parts that are “boronized.” It’s a new industrial process, similar to case-hardening, where the treatment is not a “coating,” but penetrates a millimeter into the metal. The result is no dimensional change and super-hard active services with inherent lubricity. The ones I sampled were crisp and smooth, with a snappy reset.

Velocity Triggers components are also extremely hard, via a proprietary coating, and pull is also extremely smooth.

I’m shortly going to be testing both of these on our Farnam Signature AR!

FN’s excellent SCAR Rifles, in 5.56×45 and 308 have a reciprocating bolt handle, which can be used to move the bolt in both directions. Hence, no separate “forward assist” is necessary. Garands, M1 Carbines, and M14s all work the same way. However, armies of the world now demand rifles with nothing that moves back and forth when the weapon is fired.

So, new SCARs are now coming with a one-way bolt-handle that is non-reciprocating. Like the Israeli Tavor, it now has no means for forcing the bolt forward, aside from releasing it to go forward under spring pressure.

Mil-spec ARs have a separate “forward-assist” button, as their “charging handle” is one-way also.

Many insist that any kind of forward-assist on a military autoloading rifle is unnecessary, and they are largely correct. In fact, sometimes forcing the bolt forward is a bad idea! However, a forward-assist capability does come in handy when performing a manual chamber-check in order to assure yourself that there is a round chambered. When the bolt subsequently falls forward from a only a partial retraction, it sometimes fails to go fully into battery. At that point, a slight “bump” via a forward-assist button (or bolt handle) crisply completes the process!

This afternoon, it was my honor to attend a sage and fiery lecture from my long-time friend and colleague, Lt Col Dave Grossman. Lecture hall was jammed. Standing-room only. Dave’s uncanny ability to capture the attention of an audience is something the rest of us only dream about!

Dave talked passionately, and with eminent authority, about the current world situation, and the news is not good, as you might imagine. Dave encouraged us all to go armed, as armed teachers, parents, cops, and other good guys is the only proven deterrent to terrorist attacks. Terrorists are coming after our children, just as they do in Israel, and someone has to be constantly in a position to skillfully and unconditionedly protect them, with gunfire when necessary. Welcome to the 21st Century.

And, you thought the 20 Century was bad!

Conversely, HRCs recent pseudo-sanctimonious pronouncement that “… no problem was ever solved with a gun” are the words of a naive clown, and an arrogant, self-serving twit.

Dave’s son and my friend, Jon Grossman, is a notable pistolsmith and had his wonderful wares on display at the back of the lecture hall. His company is Sheepdog Knife and Gun.

Vicki and I are back on the road tomorrow morning. The 2017 NRA Convention will be in Atlanta GA, around the same time.

Much will have changed between now and then!