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FSM4 Update

30 Apr 14 FSM4 Update You can see photos and details on the FSM4 at I’m traveling with my copy now, and it exceeds all expectations! Operators should have one! /John


29 Apr 14 “Believe those who are seeking the truth. Doubt those who find it!” Andre Gid Comments on institutionalized training. We, now and then, present training programs at state academies and other long-established “institutions.” In the private sector, we’ve moved forward rapidly over the past few decades, but many institutions, state and federal, still […]

A Police Career

15 Apr 14 “An honest man speaks the truth, though it gives offence. A vain man, in order that it may.” William Hazlitt With regard to the foregoing, without vanity nor immersing myself, once more, in the endless discussion about calibers and capacities, here is a sage note from a friend, recently retired, who worked […]

Victims, by Policy

10 Apr 14 “At Dawn, We Slept!” We can all clearly see how much mayhem a single lunatic, armed only with a pistol, can do among unarmed members of our ‘armed’ forces, all the base ‘security’ notwithstanding. Can you imagine how many innocent, unarmed soldiers will be murdered during a coordinated attack on a base […]


10 Apr 14 “The secret of a good sermon is a good beginning, and a good ending, then having the two as close together as possible.” George Burns Per George’s advice, I’ll try to be brief! We hate surprises! When fighting for our lives, surprises generally represent bad news. Modern, well-maintained, military small-arms seldom fail […]

Chicago Addendum

9 Apr 14 Chicago Addendum: Other friends in Chicago provides this update and correction: “Chicago’s first CCL incident involved a license-holder shooting at two men, at least one of whom armed with a pistol, who menacingly confronted him in a gangway at his home. It took place on 5 Apr 14. Both suspects immediately fled […]

You never Know!

8 Apr 14 “Hey! You never know!” Promotional motto of the NY Lottery Monday evening, a suspect walked into LAPD’s West Traffic Division lobby and, without a word, began firing a pistol at two uniformed officers. One officer was hit multiple times. The other was unhurt. Injured officer is still in the hospital, but recovering. […]

FSM4 Addendum

8 Apr 14 Addendum to FSM4: My long-time friend and colleague, Pat Sweeny, who has forgotten more about the Stoner System than I’m ever likely to know, reminded me to provide the following critical information about the FSM4, which I neglected in my Quip of yesterday: Yes, the FSM4 has a genuine NATO 5.56×45 chamber, […]

Good News from Chicago!

8 Apr 14 “Since no politician ever believes what he says, he is quite surprised when taken at his word!” Charles de Gaulle From a friend in the area: “I recently noted two interesting facts: 1) The City of Chicago (formally ‘murder-capital of the nation’) has just reported it’s lowest murder rate since 1958! 2) […]

Farnam Rifle

7 Apr 14 The “Farnam Signature M4” I’ve written long and often about the Stoner System and its variations. I first starting using one in Marine OCS at Quantico, VA in 1967. It was the rifle with which I went to war! Today, I own a number of modern copies, STS, BCM, LaRue, Doublestar, DLS, DSA, et al. […]

The Argument

5 Apr 14 The Argument: “Hypocrisy cannot be forgiven, because ‘repentance’ for a hypocrite, is itself hypocrisy.” Hazlitt I have scant tolerance for lickspittles and ethical cowards, uniformed or not! It seems our current senior military “leadership” has become so enamored of their positions, that they have forgotten their oath to defend our Constitution, not […]

Will it really happen?

3 Apr 14 Theory and Practice: Analysis of arming officers and staff NCOs on American military bases, from a friend recently retired from active service: “All day long, I’ve heard the usual boring media predictions of ‘the wild west’ when soldiers go armed on military bases. These same liberal clowns make these same preposterous predications […]

Ft Hood

3 Apr 14 Ft Hood Shooting of yesterday: Of yesterday’s shooting victims, all were military, and none were armed and able to defend themselves, nor each other, from a gun-wielding, murdering lunatic who apparently didn’t get the memo about the Base being a “Gun-Free Zone!” As soon as the suspect was confronted by military police, […]

Defenseless Soldiers

2 Apr 14 “The truth which makes men free is, for the most part, truth which men prefer not to hear.” Herbert Agar New threat to American military bases: Federal authorities are frantically searching for a self-professed Islamic jihadist, Muhammad Abdullah Hassan (aka “Booker”), who has threatened to duplicate the Ft Hood Massacre of November […]