10 Apr 14

“At Dawn, We Slept!”

We can all clearly see how much mayhem a single lunatic, armed only with a pistol, can do among unarmed members of our ‘armed’ forces, all the base ‘security’ notwithstanding.

Can you imagine how many innocent, unarmed soldiers will be murdered during a coordinated attack on a base by real terrorists? I have to believe they’re planning it right now. It will be exactly like the shopping mall attack in Kenya!

We might as well be sitting in Pearl Harbor in 1941!

Comments from friends in the system:

“Reacting to all the current pressure, I expect there to shortly be some clever, but (as always) phoney, campaign put out of the Office of the Secretary of Defense on this matter of perpetually defenseless solders.

Essentially, it will say that garrison commanders have ‘full authority’ to do whatever it takes to prevent future mass-murders of soldiers on bases. It will be cynically designed to perpetuate the illusion of much command latitude, but in reality, nothing will change!

Strictly for ‘filler’ on the evening news, there will be a few long lines for entry to bases, to allow for high-profile searches, and MP vehicles conspicuously parked outside of base mental health and childcare facilities. The phoney charade will go on for a few weeks, until reporters and cameras all leave, and then everything will go back to the way it was.

Some courageous local commander (probably a Marine) will bravely suggest that officers and staff NCOs be armed, but he will be quickly be ‘spoken to’ and immediately have his ‘latitude’ withdrawn, along with his next promotion!”


In reality, nobody cares, no matter how many innocents are murdered!

While the myth of “security” is being thus perpetuated, hypocrites higher-up will be quietly bolstering their own, heavily-armed, bodyguard staffs. Politicians will do the same. The rest of us, including members of our “armed” (but de facto perpetually unarmed) services, will be on our own!

“Mortal danger is an effective antidote for fixed ideas.”

Erwin Rommel