8 Apr 14

“Since no politician ever believes what he says, he is quite surprised when taken at his word!”

Charles de Gaulle

From a friend in the area:

“I recently noted two interesting facts:

1) The City of Chicago (formally ‘murder-capital of the nation’) has just reported it’s lowest murder rate since 1958!

2) CPD just reported a fatal shooting (justifiable homicide, not a murder) of a local thug by a legally-armed citizen with a valid IL CCW and FOID, noting that ‘authorities (unspecified) also determined the man acted in legitimate self-defense and will not face charges.’

Did any of us think we would live to see the day?

I found it intriguing that the lowest murder rate in 50+ years is not being trumpeted by liberal politicians. Indeed, they are strangely silent! Of course, they all vehemently opposed IL’s new CCW law in every way they could. They always do!

Could it be, perhaps, that their cynical attempt to take personal credit for this good news will be met with righteous ridicule, now that legally-armed citizens have been added to the standard population of illegally-armed (and voting for them) criminals?

Violent crime is also sorely missed by liberal propagandists, masquerading as ‘journalists,’ as they have failed to comment too.

Now, when we persuade Congress to mandate that our military officers and staff NCOs be armed, both in and out of uniform, we’ll doubtless see a similar reduction in violent crime on military bases! Not to give anyone ideas, but I wonder how many of our field-grade and company-grade officers, and senior NCOs, are, even now, no longer emulating ostriches!

Makes one wonder if liberals, and liberal propagandists in the media, really want reductions in crime, eh?”


“There are no morals in politics; only expedience.”

Vladimir Lenin (who would feel right at home in Washington DC, NY, CT, and CA today!)