8 Apr 14

“Hey! You never know!”

Promotional motto of the NY Lottery

Monday evening, a suspect walked into LAPD’s West Traffic Division lobby and, without a word, began firing a pistol at two uniformed officers. One officer was hit multiple times. The other was unhurt. Injured officer is still in the hospital, but recovering.

Both officers immediately drew their pistols and fired at the suspect. Suspect was hit multiple times and is still “critical.” Once again, a murderous rampage was cut short via courageous actions of officers at the scene, armed and ready!

The suspect was not known to either officer.

One year ago, two officers were fired upon at the same station as they returned from their shift. That suspect(s) was never identified, nor arrested.

LA is exciting these days!

Police stations and gun retailers are seldom selected by VCAs for furtherance of their criminal careers, exactly for reasons described above. Most wisely select “softer” targets. When armed police (or armed citizens) show up, such suspects usually commit suicide on the spot.

Most VCAs are not suicidal, but as we see, a significant percentage are!

The point here is that “readiness” is a chosen lifestyle. It is a requirement for LEOs! It literally defines Operators, LEO or not. When the challenge comes (usually unannounced), and you’re unprepared, you perish. You’ve heard of “Quick or Dead?”

Anyone of at least normal intelligence can be taught to operate personal weapons with a reasonable degree of competence. Yet, it all goes for nothing, when “unpreparedness” is your chosen lifestyle!

Your instructor needs to understand that!

On instructor who does, as he is a retired patrol sergeant with LAPD, is my colleague, Tom Burris.

Tom is a tough, skid-row cop, veteran of many years on the job, and he does a better job than most teaching his students about our lifestyle, not just how to operate guns.

See his Web Page at www.PFInstruction.com Recommended!