3 Apr 14

Theory and Practice:

Analysis of arming officers and staff NCOs on American military bases, from a friend recently retired from active service:

“All day long, I’ve heard the usual boring media predictions of ‘the wild west’ when soldiers go armed on military bases. These same liberal clowns make these same preposterous predications every time a state passes a ‘shall-issue’ CCW law. When their predictions don’t come true, when the level of violence actually goes down (which it always does), they all curiously develop amnesia!

The biggest problem wouldn’t be actually arming our military officers and senior NCOs, and permitting them, indeed expecting them, to constantly go armed. Even relevant, competent training may rear its ugly head!

The problem will be preventing a depraved hoard of weenie-waggers from immediately descending upon them like a cloud of locusts, arbitrarily enforcing at least sixty reams of new and incomprehensible regulations, requiring interminable tedious paperwork, endless pseudo-psychological (actually political) profiling, daily anal inspections, etc.

The real goal will be for politicians and top military ‘leadership’ to be able to cynically claim ‘progress,’ while making the practice of our heroic officers and staff NCOs actually going armed, and thus being in a position to effectively protect themselves and their soldiers, impossible in any practical sense, much as it is now..

They will hope, as they always do, that the public will mistake motion for action. They don’t really care about anything else!

I’ve noted Army and Air Force officers are expert at following rules. Occasionally, Navy and Marine officers are too, but they seem to be more adept at asking for forgiveness after the fact. I think it has a lot to do with organizational history!”

“A ship is safe in harbor, but that’s not what ships are for!”

William Shedd