2 Apr 14

“The truth which makes men free is, for the most part, truth which men prefer not to hear.”

Herbert Agar

New threat to American military bases:

Federal authorities are frantically searching for a self-professed Islamic jihadist, Muhammad Abdullah Hassan (aka “Booker”), who has threatened to duplicate the Ft Hood Massacre of November 2009.

He was recruited by the Army, but then immediately discharged due to his threats. Agents interviewed him, but then inexplicably cut him loose, a move they now sincerely regret!

Military posts around the Country have been put on alert.

Who is going to protect all these defenseless, unarmed members of our so-called “armed” services from gun-wielding lunatics?

The solution to this situation is too obvious, so it will be, once again, ignored completely by the promotion-conscious up our military food-chain:

All officers and staff NCOs need to be armed all the time, on-base and off, concealed or openly. However, star-wearers are far more concerned about embarrassing, career-wounding NDs than they ever will be about dangers represented by armed madmen. And, no one seems to want to train anyone in the art of actually carrying loaded guns on a routine basis. Big police department headquarters buildings are filled with armed men and women, and, yes, we have an ND now and then. But, we stay armed, and move on!

Since the Ft Hood incident in 2009, nothing has changed in this regard. “Gun-free zone” signs are still contemptuously ignored by violent criminals. The nerve of them! Our brave Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, and Airmen are still defenseless sitting ducks!

As a nation, we are finally confronting the stark truth that we must have armed teachers in schools to protect children, but we still can’t face the idea of armed soldiers protecting themselves!

Only in America!