9 Apr 14

Chicago Addendum:

Other friends in Chicago provides this update and correction:

“Chicago’s first CCL incident involved a license-holder shooting at two men, at least one of whom armed with a pistol, who menacingly confronted him in a gangway at his home. It took place on 5 Apr 14. Both suspects immediately fled and have, thus far, neither been identified nor arrested. It is not known if either was wounded. The CCL-holder was not injured. No charges filed (against him) in any event.

Living in Chicago, I’m not quite ready to celebrate yet! This was the coldest winter here in more than thirty years. I honestly think the weather had more to do with a lower crime rate than the State of Illinois, at long last, getting CCL.

Not only weather! We discussed the article, which claims the lowest murder rate since 1958, at our monthly meeting of the Chicago Firearms Safety Association, and concluded it was more propaganda than fact! Bending statistics, to make ‘facts’ appear to be in one’s favor is dangerous, on both sides of the fence. Fraudulent ‘statistics’ are all to common here!”

Comment: As more and more IL residents apply for, and are issued, CCLs, what statistics we can trust (probably none!) may reflect a incontrovertible reduction in violent crime, as has happened everywhere else legal concealed carry has been implemented.

Or, we may see leftist criminals who run Chicago simply ban good news, with the help of their all-too-willing collaborators in the media, when it fails to support their political agenda. As Lenin pointed out, in politics, there are no morals!

“Like fire, government is a dangerous servant, and a fearful master!”

George Washington