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Mexican drug cartels in Chicago

28 Sept 12 Mexican drug cartels in Chicago, and virtually all other large, metro areas in the USA. DEA’s current SAC (Special Agent in Charge) in Chicago has recently conceded that Mexican drug cartels are now actively operating in his region, recruiting local ethnic gangs in retailing illegal drugs, and in lethally enforcing territorial challenges. […]

“All of the drama, none of the facts”

27 Sept 12 “All of the drama, none of the facts” Creed of the media! Unwilling to contain their anti-gun bias, and just report facts, many newspapers are whining and wringing their collective hands over the recent Supreme Court ruling in CO, confirming the right of all legitimate CCW Permit-holders, including staff and students, to […]

Gun “Safety?”

23 Sept 12 These observations, from a student new to our Art “Traditional four (Cooper’s) rules of gun-handling are phrased in a way designed to prevent ‘false positives,’ that is: Inadvertently causing bullets to impact into things and people you did not intend to shoot. We call these unintentional discharges ‘NDs’ (negligent discharges), as they […]

World History, right in front of us!

21 Sept 12 The capture, sadistic torture, and barbarous murders of four Americans, including our Ambassador, in Libya on 9/11 is being wistfully, almost casually, talked about by the BHO Administration, like last week’s dental appointment! From the lips of our Secretary of State, our clueless UN Ambassador, and BHO himself, I’ve heard “tragedy,” “unfortunate,” […]

Of revolvers and lever-action rifles

20 Sept 12 A student recently pointed-out to me an important truth that had not previously jelled in my mind, until he articulated it. Once again, I may just be late to the party, but I’ve not heard this issue discussed among Operators, at least lately. Many in our industry are currently advocating for revolvers […]

Incident in the UK

18 Sept 12 In Manchester, UK today, two unarmed, uniformed, female police officers were murdered, gunned-down by a single, male burglary suspect. The two unarmed officers were sent to investigate a “routine burglary,” an inherent contradiction of terms! The suspect was apparently waiting for the two officers when they arrived. He emerged from the building […]

Ignorance and fraud in the media

18 Sept 12 They never learn, because they don’t want to! Three days ago, in CT, a well-known, former West Point football player died in an apparent gun-accident, in his own home. He shot himself in the head with his own pistol (45ACP, brand/type unknown. Brand of ammunition also unknown). Investigators have decided that it […]

Military Rifles!

13 Sept 12 American manufacturers are currently hard-pressed to produce enough AR upper and lower receivers, as well as enough internal parts, to be able to fill current orders, (1) domestic military, (2) domestic civilian, and (3) foreign governments, for M4s Domestic civilian consumers are at the bottom of the list and will have to […]

The Katyn Forest Massacre

12 Sept 12 The Katyn Forest Massacre, April and May of 1940 Hitler’s motorized, mechanized army swept into Poland on 1 Sept 39 (Friday). German tanks casually rolled over conventional defensive positions. Modern German aircraft struck targets far to the rear. Some Polish aircraft did make it into the air, but, when they returned to […]

Rifle Sighting Trick

7 Sept 12 At a Rifle Instructor’s Development Course in the Midwest earlier this week, I discovered a useful trick for shooting a rifle from the support side. One of my long-time instructors has only one functional eye, his right one. His left eye is damaged and, for all intents and purposes, disabled. When shooting […]

Comments from a HS teacher in the Midwest:

3 Sept 12 Comments from a HS teacher in the Midwest: “When state government passed our current CCW ‘shall-issue’ law, I applied for, and received, my license. Since then, I’ve sought out accomplished trainers, including you, and I carry regularly. Until recently, our local anti-gun HS principal refused to allow even our PD SWAT team […]

Will we ever “Get it?”

2 Sept 12 A major news network is reporting that the Tuscaloosa, AL School District has officially moved away from the “lock-down” approach to active murderers in schools. They’re now advocating running away, “fighting back,” even “restraining” the offender. Once again, active, physical resistance to VCAs is tentatively approved, so long as it is completely […]