18 Sept 12

In Manchester, UK today, two unarmed, uniformed, female police officers were murdered, gunned-down by a single, male burglary suspect.

The two unarmed officers were sent to investigate a “routine burglary,” an inherent contradiction of terms!

The suspect was apparently waiting for the two officers when they arrived. He emerged from the building in question and immediately gunned-down both. Type of firearm was not reported. An explosive device may have also been involved. One officer died at the scene. The other died later at a hospital.

Later in the day, the suspect casually walked into a local police station and turned himself in!

… and I thought guns were illegal in the UK, and have been for decades! How is it that violent criminals seem to regularly get their hands on them without any particular exertion?

Cynically, the two dead officers are being called “heroes.” “Victims” is a more accurate term! They are the latest victims of an insane system that sends unarmed officers to burglary-in-progress calls!

The flawed concept of “unarmed police,” like “unarmed soldiers,” makes me crazy! How can those up the food-chain claim to give a damn about these brave young people?

The only logical conclusion to which I can come is that they don’t! So long as everyone gets promoted on time, there apparently is no problem.

We just hire more!