3 Sept 12

Comments from a HS teacher in the Midwest:

“When state government passed our current CCW ‘shall-issue’ law, I applied for, and received, my license. Since then, I’ve sought out accomplished trainers, including you, and I carry regularly.

Until recently, our local anti-gun HS principal refused to allow even our PD SWAT team access to school property, even after hours, arrogantly stating, ‘Guns will never be allowed in my building!’ (as if he owned it personally). Not surprisingly, he believes in ‘lock-downs,’ with religious fervor!

When a district judge had to remind him, via a court order, that school buildings belong to taxpayers, not him, our SWAT Team was finally allowed to participate in drills on school grounds, during school hours.

During such a drill, several team-members, playing the role of terrorists, knocked on ‘locked-down’ doors. When teachers subsequently opened the doors, they were told, ‘Bang! You’re dead!’

This resulted in extreme tears, hysteria, and wails of, ‘That’s not fair!’

True to type, our principal whined interminably of this ‘unfair and sadistic tactic!’

Shortly thereafter, our local anti-gun newspaper did the enormous public service of publishing names of all CCW permit-holders, including me.

The very next day, I was summoned to the principal’s office and found myself simultaneously facing the principal himself, superintendent of schools, president of the Board, and the Board attorney, all sitting behind a table with arms folded. In unison, they demanded that I, then and there, sign an affidavit, stating that I would never carry guns on school grounds!

As it turns out, I was just the first of several.

Anticipating such a modern-day Inquisition from this gaggle of notorious gun-rights-haters, my response was:

‘Gentlemen, when you order every other school employee, and all other persons (parents, guardians, siblings, bus drivers, et al) who might find themselves legitimately and reasonablely on school grounds, to sign a similar form, stating that they will never violate any local, state, nor federal law, ordinance, regulation, rule, nor policy, no matter how obscure or irrelevant, while on school property, we will all reconvene at my lawyer’s office and discuss this. In the interim, I’m not signing anything, nor am I answering questions. This conversation is over!’

I then abruptly turned and walked toward the door.

I heard at my back, ‘… you can’t do this,’ to which I responded, ‘Watch me!’ as I walked through the door and out of the room, never looking back.

My colleagues all did pretty much the same thing. The issue was abruptly dropped! But we have been harassed and ‘watched’ ever since.

So, because of my personal beliefs, and completely lawful behavior, I have gone from admired, respected, and award-winning professional, to persona-non-grata!

This is the way anti-gun leftists always work. You’re allowed to do anything, except fail to join their church. They purport to believe in ‘diversity,’ in everything but opinion!”

Comment: Unfortunately, the American educational community is chock-full of these rabidly anti-gun types, as described above. As with all bullies, when cowardly intimidation doesn’t work, they quickly default to personal destruction, since they know, oh-so-well, they can never prevail in a logical argument.

We need to win this philosophical fight, as we relentlessly do battle with these arrogant hoplophobes, particularly in the public-education sector, never being afraid to call them what they are!