18 Sept 12

They never learn, because they don’t want to!

Three days ago, in CT, a well-known, former West Point football player died in an apparent gun-accident, in his own home.

He shot himself in the head with his own pistol (45ACP, brand/type unknown. Brand of ammunition also unknown). Investigators have decided that it was an accident, rather than a suicide.

Decedent was apparently “demonstrating the safety of his pistol” to friends, by pointing it at his own head and simultaneously pressing the trigger. The magazine had been removed, but there was still, of course, a round in the chamber. The gun functioned normally, and idiot was DRT.

News reports go on and on with regard to what a “tragedy” this all was, then add that the decedent’s future was so otherwise “promising.”

I, for one, have a hard time believing people who make a habit of pointing guns at their own heads have much of a future at all, but maybe I’m just old-fashioned!

In any event, one hand-wringing newspaper report described the event thus,

“The magazine had been removed, but one round was ‘hidden’ in the gun’s chamber.”

Wow! Do cartridges “hide” in chambers of your guns? The nerve of them!

Many in the media, who are too timid to so much as touch a real gun, apparently believe pointing pistols at one’s own head is okay, so long as they are “unloaded.” When those same media types stop underestimating the intelligence of their readers long enough to actually learn the way autoloading pistols work and the way real Operators handle them, perhaps they won’t continue to display their own ignorance quite so blatantly!