28 Sept 12

Mexican drug cartels in Chicago, and virtually all other large, metro areas in the USA.

DEA’s current SAC (Special Agent in Charge) in Chicago has recently conceded that Mexican drug cartels are now actively operating in his region, recruiting local ethnic gangs in retailing illegal drugs, and in lethally enforcing territorial challenges. Mexican cartel operatives, all illegal of course, are deeply entrenched in local gang culture, even local politics!

It is the barbarous and capricious enforcement of territorial claims that is mostly responsible for Chicago’s current off-the-chart murder rate, now rivaling that of Newark, NJ, even Memphis, TN!

Local politicians, including the mayor (along with the willing complicity indigenous media lackeys), are in complete denial. It’s an election year, and nothing unkind may ever be said of liberals. We’re prohibited from even mentioning the problem. It’s the law in Chicago!

What about good and decent (and legitimate!) US citizens who are injured and murdered in the process, and who are unable to remain neutral, nor protect themselves? As in Mexico itself, politicians couldn’t care less! Being in a position of power, where they can lord it over others, is all that matters to them. They’ve never considered themselves “public servants,” and never will!
Good and decent people in Chicago are still de-facto prohibited from owning (much less carrying) guns for self-protection. Only violent criminals, and a few police, get to go armed. Everyone else is cannon-fodder!

Chicagoans continue to take great pride in abiding by obsolete traditions of a time long-past, a pattern they seem perfectly willing to die for, and do!

Smart ones are getting out!