2 Sept 12

A major news network is reporting that the Tuscaloosa, AL School District has officially moved away from the “lock-down” approach to active murderers in schools. They’re now advocating running away, “fighting back,” even “restraining” the offender.

Once again, active, physical resistance to VCAs is tentatively approved, so long as it is completely ineffective! “Throwing objects” at the armed offender, for example, is suggested.

To be fair, the foregoing represents at least a timid step in the right direction, as the “lock-down” approach does little more than herd children into coffins! It has no advocates among those, like Israelis, who have been forced to face this desperate issue almost daily.

What no one wants to admit, at least out loud, is that no “resistance” plan has a chance of working, unless teachers and other school officials are trained and continuously armed, as they are in Israel.

“Resistance” is just a meaningless buzz-word. For resistance to be effective, those appointed to do the resisting must be able to do it with at least some chance of success. Until the entire educational culture in this Country fearlessly confronts that incontrovertible fact, we’ll do little more than re-arrange deck-chairs on the Titanic!

As with the current “Armed-Flight-Deck-Officer” Program, such a suggestion will be met with extreme opposition by the “learned-helplessness” crowd, who are currently over-represented in the public educational system. Administrators don’t trust teachers, and teachers don’t trust each other. I’ve heard it a thousand times!

Well, they’re all going to have to get over it! As with armed pilots, I guess we’re going to have to trust someone, eh?

In Israel, teachers are armed, trained, and fully prepared to fight to the last protecting children in their charge. They have to be! Long ago, they learned the necessity of cutting through all the PC/BS and getting “serious.”

So far, we haven’t! And so, we continue to timidly dance around this issue, talking it to death, but doing nothing effective.

While we dither, our enemies plan!