21 Sept 12

The capture, sadistic torture, and barbarous murders of four Americans, including our Ambassador, in Libya on 9/11 is being wistfully, almost casually, talked about by the BHO Administration, like last week’s dental appointment!

From the lips of our Secretary of State, our clueless UN Ambassador, and BHO himself, I’ve heard “tragedy,” “unfortunate,” and “senseless,” as if they were all talking about a traffic accident! Not once did I hear “murder,” nor “act of war.” Certainly no mention of radical Islamics, nor the malignant threat they continue to represent to all civilized people. Not even a hint of outrage, only a feeble promise that “justice will be done,” a promise, like all his others, that no one has any cause to take seriously.

And, it seems the President couldn’t be bothered with these events anyway, as he nonchalantly rushes-off to yet another campaign event, as if nothing had happened!

These sadistic murders were anything but “senseless,” in the minds of perpetrators. They were planned and executed as a military and political statement. I’m sure they’re planning the next one, as I write this. The USA is being directly challenged, and the Administration is pretending it doesn’t notice.

The wanton murder of Americans overseas used to at least garner some attention from politicians and their media lackeys. Not any more, apparently!

It makes me wonder how much regard this Administration has for this nation in general, and the lives of any of us.

It’s going to get worse. We’re adrift!