27 Sept 12

“All of the drama, none of the facts”

Creed of the media!

Unwilling to contain their anti-gun bias, and just report facts, many newspapers are whining and wringing their collective hands over the recent Supreme Court ruling in CO, confirming the right of all legitimate CCW Permit-holders, including staff and students, to carry concealed guns on the UC Campus in Boulder, CO

A professor is quoted,

“This is a place where we depend on being able to speak our minds and offer sometimes controversial opinions in a free and open place. The feeling among a percentage of faculty is that this will create a climate of fear and intimidation.”

“… fearful that an unstable student, who could be legally armed in classrooms, might hurt them (faculty) or a fellow student.”

Oh, please!

Curiously, “fear and intimidation” are just fine, so long as it is always one-way! They endlessly talk about “feelings,” never facts!

Academic liberals and their media lackeys are so fearful of personal freedom, they invent delusory scenarios where people are wantonly shot on a mass basis. All gun-owners are dismissed as “unstable.” These same nonsensical predictions are ever shoved forward every time a state legislature passes will-issue concealed carry. Of course, when none of these dire prophecies ever come to pass, the same two-faced gun-haters suddenly, predictably develop amnesia!

The sad fact is that liberals universally, and correctly, consider themselves emotionally unsound and are thus afraid of what would happen if they were armed. And, of course, if they shouldn’t be armed, how could they believe that anybody should be armed?

“You will do anything for the ‘poor man,’ anything but get off his back!”