23 Sept 12

These observations, from a student new to our Art

“Traditional four (Cooper’s) rules of gun-handling are phrased in a way designed to prevent ‘false positives,’ that is:

Inadvertently causing bullets to impact into things and people you did not intend to shoot.

We call these unintentional discharges ‘NDs’ (negligent discharges), as they are nearly always the result of personal negligence. All result in embarrassment, although most do not result in personal injury, nor significant property damage.

We all know that the vast majority of broadcast and print media today are the barefaced propaganda arm of the DNC, and have been for decades. Thus, and not surprisingly, gun-handling ‘rules’ propagated by media and government are exclusively about ‘false negatives,’ that is:

Not shooting anything, nor anyone, under any circumstances.

Their propaganda has little to do with safe gun-handling. It is exclusively devoted to the prevention of all gun handling and to persuading naive Americans that they are too stupid to own guns in the first place. And, it is unfortunately embraced by many professing gun-owners, even NRA members!

Accordingly, we say:

‘When handling guns, keep them continually pointed in a (relatively) safe direction’

They say:

‘Don’t touch guns, particularly ‘loaded’ ones!’

We say:

‘All guns are always loaded’

They say:

‘Unloaded’ guns are ‘safe’ and therefore may be handled carelessly. So, never load a gun, lest you be required to handle it correctly!’

We say:

Keep your trigger-finger in a strong, ‘register’ position until simultaneously (1) your sights are on-target, and (2) you are in the deliberate process of firing.

They say:

‘Where you put any of your fingers is irrelevant, since we only handle ‘unloaded’ guns anyway!

We say:

‘Be sure of your target.’

They say:

‘The term, ‘target’ is irrelevant, as are the terms ‘weapon’ and ‘self-defense,’ since we never actually train with guns, nor do we (Heaven forbid!) carry guns, nor will we ever honestly confront the issue of employing gunfire to protect ourselves.’”

Comment: Unfortunately, the vast majority of guns being frantically purchased today, by Americans, will spend the next twenty years of their existence in the box they came in, gathering dust! They’ll never be handled, nor shot (at least intentionally!).

The naive and gullible continue to buy them, by the truckload, as basically “good-luck charms.” Only a tiny minority will ever seek-out competent training and expend the time and effort necessary to get themselves to the point where they can handle, carry, and use serious guns for serious purposes, correctly and safely. For the rest, guns they may own will never contribute significantly to their personal security.

Many in government, and everyone in the media, want it exactly that way!