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Preliminary IALEFI convention report

6 Oct 98 Preliminary IALEFI convention report: The IALEFI Convention this year is in West Palm Beach, FL, and Vicki and I are both here right now. Both of us are presenting classes this year. The Conference is well organized, competently administered, and very well attended. Here is what I think has been most interesting: […]


2 Oct 98 From a friend on the West Coast: A… we had a shooting yesterday morning which might finally bring the training issue to the front burner, as it represented a pretty close call in terms of bystander injury. Goofy goes into a bank and announces that he has a bomb. When he subsequently […]

More on .223 in the Philippines

3 Sept 98 Follow up on my last from a friend in the Philippines: Yup, I agree that the 223 is the solution to the problem of armored suspects. This is why cops in my part of the world are issued M16’s in place of shotguns or anything else. They also travel three to a […]


23 Sep 98, Wednesday, 7:58AM Items: We’ve been working with a Midwestern Police department for the past two days, and they have two Mossberg 9100 autoloading shotguns, just added to their inventory. Mossberg calls it the Jungle Gun. The gun is a gas-operated autoloader, with a four-round magazine tube, plastic stock and forend, and an […]


21 Sep 98, Monday, 8:14AM Some comments on the Force-on-Force exercises at the just-completed regional NTI: Out of nine people, I observed six of them used the lateral movement reflexively. It worked very well and looked good too. Two of the people actually saved themselves by shooting and moving simultaneously; the shot(s) fired at the […]

Trigger-cocking Autoloaders

19 Sept 98 Trigger-cocking autoloaders: The one part which seem to be a habitual weak point on trigger-cocking autoloaders is the drawbar. We’ve seen them break on S&W’s and H&K USP’s.

Carry, Transport, and Storage Modes

21 Sep 98, Monday, 3:29PM Mode: We are now teaching modes or conditions in which a defensive firearm can be, depending upon its role and the degree of readiness required. Students find it easy to associate a mode with a particular set of circumstances. Modes can then be changed as circumstances change. The governing principle […]

Military vs Commercial Rifles

19 Sep 98, Saturday, 7:59AM Military vs commercial rifles: As you know, I recommend students bring military rifles to our Rifle Classes. We typically see the AR-15, M1-A, FN/FAL, Garand, Galil, SKS, Kalashnikov, Mini-14, H&K, and AUG to name the most popular. However, we also see lever actions and commercial (non-military) autoloaders and pump-action rifles. […]

Draw Technique & Shotgun Ammo

19 Sep 98, Saturday, 7:15AM Clarification on draw technique: The retention draw is what we’ve been doing all along with our rock-and-lock stage. The idea is to draw the pistol up and keep it close to the body as the first step, then extend if indicated. My friends in Africa indicate that people who have […]

Farm-Protection in South Africa

15 Sep 98, Tuesday, 8:51AM This just in from on of my Instructors in South Africa: I gave an intense Farm-Protection Course in the King Williamstown area over here several weeks ago. What timing! One of my students used the techniques to save himself from certain death last week (Thursday, 10 Sept 98 ). As […]


10 Sep 98, Thursday, 9:16PM This from a friend in Oklahoma. Sounds like a good idea! With all the terrible heat here this summer, we have discovered another desirable modification to the 1911. Since we sweat greatly in this one-hundred-degree, plus heat, and since all that sweat beads up on the port side of the […]

From the Wires

3 Sept 98 >From the wires: FAA allows self-defense sprays in checked bags The Federal Aviation Administration reversed itself and will now allow airline passengers and crew to carry personal, aerosol self-defense spray containers on aircraft, but only in checked luggage. The new regulation allows just one such spray per person (no word on how […]

More from South Africa

27 Aug 98, Thursday, 8:42AM From friends in South Africa: Two American tourists were hi-jacked in Johannesburg yesterday, probably by Nigerian bandits. The man and his wife were ordered out of their rented BMW. The man apparently asked the bandits not to shoot him or his wife, as they are Americans. On hearing that their […]


25 Aug 98, Tuesday, 10:19AM Items: >At a recent match, a Glock 35 had an explosion. No injury to the shooter or bystanders, but the magazine blew out (downward), and the mag catch was broken. The resident Glock Armorer replaced the mag catch, and that was all that was needed. The magazine itself was fine. […]


This from a friend in the Midwest: “I’d like some thoughts/comments on this one. It involves a friend of mine _____ was dispatched to a Domestic in Progress/Man with a knife. The man in question was threatening his mother and sisters with a butcher knife, and said that he wanted to die. When _____ and […]

Incident in the Midwest

15 Aug 98, Saturday, 12:23AM Incident in the Midwest Something interesting happened the other day that I thought you might find interesting. A gunman broke into the one of my friends offices and took hostages! Dr. _________ is a Pedodontist in _______ MI and I refer many children to him who are difficult to handle. […]


1) Glock pistols should be shot only with the HOTTEST ammo available, even in practice. During my “close quarter emergency countermeasures” classes, we shoot a lot from the “retention” position. Most every time a gun incurs a stoppage, it is a Glock. Students need to shoot with a solidly LOCKED wrist to make sure the […]

More from Africa

3 Aug 98, Monday, 5:34PM More from Africa: When dealing with guys like the SA special forces, you get to see very clearly if the techniques that you teach will work on the street. After going through the normal firearms training, I then put them through “hell week” where I test their new found skills […]


31 Jul 98, Friday, 10:43AM From one of our police students in the Midwest: In (Rifle/Shotgun) class the other day you stressed being muzzle-conscious and learning to live with the long arm slung, and being aware of where it’s pointed at all times. One of the officers I work with runs bloodhounds, is active in […]


23 Jul 98, Thursday, 1:25PM A friend in Bosnia (working for the UN) just sent this brief. I had to edit it a little in order to preserve his anonymity: 7 July 98 I am here in beautiful Bosnia/Herzegovina, firmly ensconced in my new job and enchanted by the conspicuous beauty of the County. Driving […]