3 July 13

A group of friends and veterans is sending flashlights overseas to our deployed Marines in Afghanistan, and other forward-deployments areas.

Small, personal flashlights (the kind most of us carry routinely), are not normally issued to Marines in-country. But, they are extremely handy to individual Marines for navigating, reading, signaling, information-gathering, and as a non-lethal weapon that can be used to stun and temporarily disorient suspects.

Flashlights are not “controversial,” and are completely unregulated. No problem with individual possession, nor carrying routinely, nor with shipping.

The flashlight currently being shipped to Marines by the organization is the Quark Pro QPL, by Foursevens. Small and rugged, it is well-suited to individual use by ground troops. Other brands may be added as the Program grows, but this is the one being sent now. Foursevens is a wonderful company. I have several of their lights, and they always run!

Who want to donate to this excellent Program need to go to:


for details.