25 June 13

I do not currently have an opinion on the Zimmerman Case, now being prosecuted in FL, but it is curious that, in his opening arguments, the prosecutor brutally vilified the practice of citizens going armed, even though the practice is perfectly legal.

He made a big deal about the fact that, at the time and place of the incident in question, Zimmerman was carrying two flashlights and a pistol that was “fully loaded.”

Both of these activities were, as noted, perfectly legal, and most will agree, perfectly reasonable for someone with a security function performing his duties at night.

What is most disturbing is that this anti-gun prosecutor seems to be making the case that the only proper role for a citizen is that of victim. Being a “good little victim” is apparently the only correct aspiration for any citizen.

I suspect that any species of personal precaution, no matter how reasonable or sensible, would be cynically reviled by this prosecutor, and many others. He even censures the practice of carrying a flashlight at night!

All of us need to be prepared for this kind of vile, unjust criticism when anything we do garners the attention of the media, or the criminal justice system. To many of them, our lives and personal safety mean nothing!