31 May 13

From my friend and colleague, Frank Sharpe, at Fortress Defense:

“Our Concealed Carry Bill is finally through the IL General Assembly. It passed with a super-majority, so our governor can (1) veto it, (2) sign it, or (3) sit on it, but the final result will be the same. It’s, at long last, going through!

No ‘assault’ weapons, nor magazine, ban. The City of Chicago, however, will be allowed to retain its ban on various weapons, but the new carry-permit overrides the City’s current magazine-capacity ban, so those with a state-issued CCW permit may legally carry there with standard-capacity magazines.

The law takes effect 180 days after the governor signs it (or sits on it for sixty days without signature, as he’s allowed to do). No one seems to know what will happen should the governor sit on it past the June 9th Court deadline.

After 180 days, IL State Police have forty-five days to get the new CCW Permit System up and running. Realistically, it could be this time next year before any citizen of IL actually has a CCW Permit in his or her hands.”

Comment: The very first IL CCW permits will be issued, of course, to the very politicians and bureaucrats who, up until now, vehemently opposed the concept. They’ll suddenly, predictably decide it may be a good idea after all, and, like politicians everywhere, will serve themselves first!

Another prediction: Within two years of the new law being fully implemented, violent crime in IL will demonstrably, incontrovertibly plummet. Actually, it’s a safe bet. That’s always what happens!

An additional prediction: The endless “…carnage in the streets,” ad nauseam predictions of the liberal press, liberal academia, and liberal politicians will, of course, never come true. It never does! In fact, it will be the exact opposite, as noted above.

A final prediction: All these naive liberals will then suddenly develop amnesia! They’ll be completely unable to recall their own predictions, nor their own iniquity.

“But now love’s just another show
You leave them laughing when you go
And if you care, don’t let them know
Don’t give yourself away”

From “Both Sides Now,” by Joni Mitchell. Most famous version, first sung is 1967, was Judy Collins’