29 June 13

These historical comments on AR magazines, from friend and colleague, Pat Sweeney

“When people started asking (once again) for 20-round AR magazines, manufacturers had on-hand only stamping-dies for 30-round magazines, as no one had wanted 20s for years!
It was easiest, as a short-term solution, to simply block existing dies, in order to make 20-round tubes, albeit tubes with a slight curvature.

Once manufacturers were convinced that people really wanted 20s, at least enough for them to invest in new dies, they made straight ones again (after the original pattern).”

Hence, curved 20-round AR magazines made a brief appearance on the market, then mostly vanished. Many, however, are still in use, as we see them in Urban Rifle Courses now and then.
Only leftist legislative ignoramuses believe rifle magazines are “one-use-only!”

Since most restrictive legislation pertaining to magazine capacity makes no differentiation between 20-round capacity and 30-round capacity, AR 20-rounders, in any configuration, are unlikely to enjoy much popularity for the foreseeable future, so long as 30-rounders are generally available.

Although, this market if well-know for surprises, as we’ve seen many times!

“When it is not necessary to change, it is necessary not to change.”

Anthony Cary, 5th Viscount Falkland (after whom the Falkland Islands are named)