24 May 13

These comments from a friend in the UK:

“One of our soldiers was randomly attacked by cleaver and knife-wielding Islamic youths yesterday. He died at the scene. The two attackers loitered, bloody knives still in their hands, lecturing bystanders, until police arrived.

When they did arrive, one bystander asked police why they are not doing anything. Officers replied, ‘… we cannot approach these attackers. They are armed. We are waiting for the Firearms Unit.’

They obviously didn’t arrive in time!

Our Prime Minister promptly puffed-up and declared we, as a nation, will not give in to terrorists. Pretty standard boiler-plate. However, he hadn’t even completed his sentence when it was announced that all military personnel are now being instructed:

‘No uniforms are to be worn by any military personnel whilst walking out of unit/MoD locations in London and Greater London with effect now until further notice. This includes the carriage of military day-sacks.’

Now, our Country’s uniform must not be worn openly within our own capital city. We must now hide from terrorists in our own Country. Sounds like ‘surrender’ to me!”


As over here, their “armed forces” are perpetually unarmed and unable to protect themselves.

As in the aftermath of the Ft Hood attack, nothing substantive will ever be done, and we’ll see it all playing out again.

“Show me a “good victim,” and I’ll show you a victim!”