17 June 13

Yesterday, a deranged meth-addict entered a Catholic church in UT, and without delay, approached his estranged father-in-law and immediately shot him in the head at close range. Brand/caliber of pistol used was not divulged.

Father-in-law was last reported in critical condition at a local hospital.

Suspect subsequently ran out of the church, hi-jacked a car at gun-point, and fled. He was arrested a short time later, walking alone on a local freeway, after his stolen vehicle ran out of gas and was abandoned. Arrest was unresisted.

At least in UT, Catholic churches are not officially posted as “off-limits” to licensed, concealed carry. However, the Church did support that universal provision (which ultimately failed) in the state legislature. Surely, this meth-addict would have piously respected a “Gun-Free-Zone” placard, had one been conspicuously displayed!

Indeed, this perpetrator may well have decided to murder his ex-father-in-law during a church worship service, precisely because his intended victim, and other worshipers nearby, would all likely be unarmed. And, of course, he knew just where his intended victim would be, and exactly when he would be there.

The first lesson is this: Churches, of any denomination, are not magical, benign “sanctuaries” where nothing bad is ever allowed to happen. Only the foolishly naive believe that! Violent crimes routinely take place in churches, during worship services and at other times. That fact is not in dispute. Indeed, of all places I’m sure to be heavily armed, churches top the list!

The second lesson: Don’t associate with trashy/unstable people, in any venue. Never get close to them, and don’t bring them into your life! If you think you want to help “the poor,” understand great personal risk unfailingly attaches to that activity. There are many violent criminals among “the poor,” and many more are mentally unstable, alcoholics, drug-addicted, and sticky-fingered.

Some are murderers, as we see.

Personal readiness is a 24-hour occupation, even when the perpetually naive don’t understand, and probably never will!

“I don’t know the secret of success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody.”

Bill Cosby