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Holster Issue

31 Jan 24   “Excessive praise arises from the same bigotry matrix as excessive criticism.”   Stefan Molyneux   Flashlights Attached to Pistols:   Carrying pistols with flashlights permanently attached is today a common practice, for LEOs while in uniform, and for both LEOs and non-LEOs carrying concealed.   Holster-makers provide all kinds of holsters […]

2024 SHOT Show, Last Day

26 Jan 24   2024 SHOT Show, Last Day   Here are things I saw at the Show on this last day!   Kimber’s Maco is small-sized, 9mm thirteen-shooter. Nice size! The one you want is the R7 Maco FDE. It runs $675.00   PSA’s jointed-trigger (otherwise Glock-like) “Dagger” Pistol falls into the same category. […]

2024 SHOT Show, Third Day

25 Jan 24   2024 SHOT Show, Third Day   More on ammunition:   Today, I visited all manufacturers of serious ammunition. This is my recommendation in 9mm for personal defense:   Supervel: 9mm +p 115gr SCHP   Cor-Bon: 9mm +p 115gr DPX   Defiant: 9mm +p 115gr TCX   Underwood: 9mm +p 115gr Tac-XP […]

2024 SHOT Show, Second Day

24 Jan 24   2024 SHOT Show, Second Day   Of interest today:   Kimber’s K6xS light, snubby revolver is very nicely done. Hammer completely enclosed. Nice rubber grips. Designed for use w/speed-loaders. When you like snubbies, this one makes a good choice!   I can’t keep track of all the companies making M4s, but […]

2024 SHOT Show, Frist Day!

23 Jan 24   2024 SHOT Show, First Day:   This year’s SHOT Show surely seems well attended to me!   All display areas are filled. I’m trying to get through the whole thing.   Of interest:   Lone Wolf is making a complete serious pistol, the DUSK19. Very much like a G19, and the […]

2024 SHOT Show, Range Day

22 Jan 24   2024 SHOT Show, Las Vegas, NV   Vicki and I are here in Las Vegas, NV for the 2024 SHOT Show!   This is our opportunity to see new products, new ideas, old friends, new friends.   Today was “Range Day” at a massive outdoor Range in Henderson, NV. It was […]


19 Jan 24   “The American Revolution was conceived in churches and taverns.   I think I’ll spend more time in both!”   Operator’s Adage   Just happened yesterday in TX   Two men were unloading firewood from a truck in front of a Fort Worth, TX home. One was the homeowner, and the other […]

Another “mental-health crisis?”

15 Jan 24   “Modern ‘administrators’ fully expect a chocolate cake to emerge when they dump together vinegar and baking soda, and are astonished when it doesn’t happen!”   New-Age commentary   “Mental-health crisis?”   In a popular park in Austin, TX this past Tuesday, a local college student was violently attacked from behind by […]

Guaranteed Chaos

12 Jan 24   “Marxists’ ‘love’ of democratic institutions was a stratagem only, a pious fraud for the deception of the masses.   Within a socialist community, there is no room left for freedom.”   Ludwig Von Mises   “Guaranteed Chaos,” the currency of leftists:   As NY’s Democrat governor, with a bigoted sneer, crows […]

“Restorative” Justice?

9 Jan 24   “‘War’ is when the government tells you whom the enemy is.   ‘Revolution’ is when you figure it out for yourself!”   Napoleon Bonaparte   “Restorative ‘Justice?’”   In Clark Co, NV last week, a convicted multi-felonious defendant, who was in the process of learning his sentence (for just his latest […]

Ammunition for Serious Purposes!

4 Jan 23   My friends at Defiant Munitions, makers of the 9mm 115gr +p TCX round that I recommend, have, once again, generously extended a 12% discount to DTI students!   The code is: DTI24   /John  

No Rest!

2 Jan 23   No respite!   Less than a hour into the new year, a rented SUV filled of cans of gasoline and driven at high speed by a single person, deliberately slammed-into a crowd that was in the process of exiting a New Year’s Eve concert in Rochester, NY   At least three […]

Cusp of World History!

1 Jan 24   “I fear Greeks, even when they bring gifts.”   Virgil (30BC)   With regard to European history, the Franco-Prussian War of 1870, with its upset victory (once more) by Prussia (along with the balance of loosely-unified German states) over post-Napoleonic France, essentially created the modern nation of Germany, permanently uniting most […]