2 Jan 23
No respite!
Less than a hour into the new year, a rented SUV filled of cans of gasoline and driven at high speed by a single person, deliberately slammed-into a crowd that was in the process of exiting a New Year’s Eve concert in Rochester, NY
At least three fatalities (including the driver of the offending vehicle).
Large fire. Many injuries.
Multiple news sources are reporting on this incident, as might be expected.
Of course, everyone wants to know if this is active terrorism, or “merely” a homicidal maniac, as if that determination makes victims more or less dead!
Personally, I think endlessly looking for the source of criminal motivation is far less important than looking for ways to keep oneself insulted from bad outcomes like this one.
What motivates Johnny to do bad things?
I don’t care! A threat is a threat.
Media and bureaucratic focus is almost exclusively devoted to the “why,” and the resulting narrative is ripe for politically-motivated “blame games,” which the leftist media just can’t get enough of!
Whose “fault” is it that bad things like this keep occurring?
We already know the answer, don’t we?
> It must be “racism!”
>It must be “climate change!”
>It must be DJT!
> It must be Israel!
>It must be “trans-intolerance” (maybe even gluten-intolerance!)
… ad nauseam
When we brush-off this highly-speculative “why,” and concentrate on the “How do I protect myself in the future?” we come up with:
1) Avoiding large venues represents good advice, particularly now! In our “Age of Terrorism,” significant  risk always attaches to being mixed-in with large crowds.
2) Symbolic barriers are ninety percent “symbolic,” ten percent “barrier!” Glass doors and curbs don’t offer much protection from hurtling SUVs!
3) Going armed is ever prudent! For one, I don’t go places where I can’t be armed
The Kodak Center where the foregoing incident took place, is “protected” by unarmed “security guards” and is thus fraudulently labeled a “safe zone.” Therefore, personal carrying of arms is prohibited there by (unconstitutional) State Law, and thus by crossing the threshold, you’re abdicating any real ability to defend yourself.
It’s worse than that! As we see in this incident, you must remain unarmed all the while you’re approaching the property, and during the long trip back to your parked vehicle.
Accordingly, violent criminals are confident potential victims coming from and going to such “safe zones” are completely defenseless!
We’ll be hearing about terrible events like this all year long, from all over the world.
Personal safety is a personal responsibility!
“‘Faith’ is a luxury reserved only for those who are able to ignore what the rest of us must see every day.
Pessimism, distrust, and irony are the holy trinity of my religion, irony in particular.”
Brando Skyhorse