25 Jan 24
2024 SHOT Show, Third Day
More on ammunition:
Today, I visited all manufacturers of serious ammunition. This is my recommendation in 9mm for personal defense:
Supervel: 9mm +p 115gr SCHP
Cor-Bon: 9mm +p 115gr DPX
Defiant: 9mm +p 115gr TCX
Underwood: 9mm +p 115gr Tac-XP
Gorilla: 9mm 90gr LXD (Lehigh Extreme Defense)
Black Hills: 9mm +p 100gr Honeybadger (Lehigh FTM bullet), also their 115 gr +p Tac-XP (all-copper HP bullet)
Doubletap: 9mm +p 115gr DTLE (all-copper HP)
Sim-X: 9mm 45gr Defensecore (My recommendation of this particular round is tentative, as I have not yet tested it personally)
Other observations:
Daniel Defense’s new H9 pistol, that I commented on on Day One, is essentially a resurrection of the long-departed “Hudson Pistol.” That’s what the “H” stands for. I saw and shot the original Hudson Pistol at the SHOT Show several years ago. It was basically an all-metal G17. Perfectly functional, but heavy, it never gained any traction. The company went out of business shortly thereafter.
Daniel Defense now brings us this improved version. Daniel Defense’s reputation for high quality will surely give this pistol a good (re)start!
At the Colt booth, I handled their 38Spl Cobra six-shot snubby. Very smooth, but costs $1K
Their resurrected Python (357Mg) series is also very smooth and pleasing to handle. It runs $1.5K/copy. I’d love to own one, but that eventuality is unlikely.
DSA’s American-made SA58 (FAL) is highly recommended. Wonderful rifle when you need a serious 308. The one you want is the SA58 CTC/P (for “Compact Tactical Carbine/Para”). It features a folding/extendable M4 stock. Excellent for low-profile travel. It runs $2.2K/copy
I visited the Cabot Arms booth, because I love their exquisite 1911s, which are literally works of art!
When you’re interested, the one you want is the 9mm “Rebellion.” Commander-sized. Aluminum frame.
Like the Colt Python, I’d dearly love to have this pistol, but at $5K that’s unlikely, and for the same reason! Waiting-list is currently eighteen months!
Among more affordable pistols, I admire the Glock-like CZ P10C. Solid 16-shooter (9mm) at $400.00/copy
A new FL company called Live Free Armory (of which I was unaware until today) is making the Falcon G19X
Pistol, a nearly exact copy of the G17. Solid eighteen-shooter at $350.00.  Their M4, also solid, called the “Battlelite,” is $600.00.  I love their prices!
Hi-Viz’s “Fast Dot” pistol sighting system is something I’m going to be testing right away!
It’s hard to describe, but it involves two, overlapping self-luminous dots. The front is red. The rear is green. Alignment is quick and natural! A set runs $175.00
I regularly carry a Fenix PD3GR flashlight. I use it all the time, and at 1300 lumens (max output) it will quickly blind someone approaching you at night. I’ve done it more than once!
At the Fenix booth, I discovered my PD3GR model is already outdated!
The new PD3GR V2 ($100.00) is the same size but max output is now 1700 lumens, and the new PD3GR Pro (same size at $120.00) has a max output of 2800 lumens!
Web Page is at fenixlighting.com
Tomorrow is the last day!