23 Jan 24
2024 SHOT Show, First Day:
This year’s SHOT Show surely seems well attended to me!
All display areas are filled. I’m trying to get through the whole thing.
Of interest:
Lone Wolf is making a complete serious pistol, the DUSK19. Very much like a G19, and the same price!
An “Elite Version” features an integral “compensator” that vents gas upward. Very much not recommended, as it will be a hindrance when the gun is fired while being held close to the body.
S&W’s M&P 12 is a compact 12ga pump shotgun, featuring two, parallel, six-shot magazine tubes. Tubes do not automatically “switch” when one is exhausted. They must be switched manually.
Global Ordnance’s “AREX Delta L is another G19-like pistol, coming-in at $500.00.
Caracal pistols, now manufactured in Boise, ID, (after a less-than-happy start several years ago) are now producing yet another, very credible G19-like pistol. Their “Quick-Sight” system (iron sights) puts the rear sight ahead of the ejection port. Very fast, but not as precise as is the case with a longer sight radius.
FN’s flagship 509 pistol (9mm) has been joined by the “510″ (10mm) and the “545″ (45ACP).
FN is also making the “Reflex Pistol,” a small pistol along the lines of Springfield Armory’s Hellcat.
Again, FN makes upward-venting “compensators” available, and again highly not recommended, for reasons stated above.
Springfield Armory’s “Echelon Pistol” is now their flagship serious handgun, replacing the XD and XD/M series. G17-sized, it features a removable trigger-control group, much like the SIG’s 320. Frames and slides can be mixed and matched. This feature will be attractive to institutional buyers.
Daniel Defense is getting into the serious pistol business! Their first entry is the “H9.” No polymer! Aluminum frame and steel slide, so it’s on the heavy side. At $1,300.00, its also on the pricy side! The H9 will doubtless joined by a compact version, and maybe others.
Lipsey Group is enhancing S&W’s 642 into the 642UC for “Ultra Carry” Improved sights. Nice system tuning. At $600.00, when you want a nice snubby in 38Spl or 32 H&R Mag, this is a nice way to go
Lots more to see.
More tomorrow!