9 Jan 24
“‘War’ is when the government tells you whom the enemy is.
‘Revolution’ is when you figure it out for yourself!”
Napoleon Bonaparte
“Restorative ‘Justice?’”
In Clark Co, NV last week, a convicted multi-felonious defendant, who was in the process of learning his sentence (for just his latest violent felony) from the mouth of the presiding judge, suddenly leaped over the judge’s desk and physically attacked her.
This defendant has a long, weary history of violent felonies. What a surprise!
During the event, a court officer sustained a head injury and had his shoulder dislocated. The Judge herself suffered only minor injuries.
Originally, this suspect was arrested for “Assault with a Deadly Weapon,” but this charge was later reduced, via plea agreement, to “Attempted Battery”
Curious the way “plea bargaining” is so casually done when we mere citizens are victims of violent crime. Yet, prosecutors suddenly “get serious” when judges, prosecutors, and other “protected classes” are threatened!
Less-than-honest media pundits assure us that such attacks on judges are “rare.”
Cold comfort for this judge, eh?
On that day, she unhappily discovered that the probability of getting physically attacked and battered in her own courtroom was 100%!
1) Who can accurately predict exactly what is going to “set-off” an unstable person who has a long-established record of criminal violence? Any suggestions?
2) No matter what environment you find yourself in, even within a courtroom, “decor” is only one part of the equation. The bad guy gets a vote too, even here, as we see!

3) For violent criminals, deadly violence is “coin of the realm” We forget that at our peril!

4) People don’t “change!”
Immediately prior to his precipitous attack, we hear this demur, multi-convicted felon say to the judge (with a straight face) that he now “understands his mistakes” and is “making a positive change.” All phoney boiler-plate BS, doubtless given to him by his lawyer for measured recitation in court.
An instant later he flies into a violent rage!
5) It’s clear that “restorative justice” and “bail reform” does nothing but protect and embolden criminals and violent criminality, while menacing the rest of us (about whom leftist politicians couldn’t possibly care less)
6) Our ever-deteriorating “Criminal/Justice System,” which is in-place ostensibly to protect the innocent from criminals, now can’t even protect “the protected class!”
Down here at the “peon level,” the “System” obviously cares even less about us.
We’re on our own!
“Liberty lies in the hearts of men and women.
When it dies, no constitution, no law, no court can save it”
Learned Hand