19 Jan 24
“The American Revolution was conceived in churches and taverns.
I think I’ll spend more time in both!”
Operator’s Adage
Just happened yesterday in TX
Two men were unloading firewood from a truck in front of a Fort Worth, TX home. One was the homeowner, and the other was the delivery guy.
A single attacker (unknown to either man) suddenly approached them. He was completely naked and very “upset!”
The two men (neither armed) attempted to “reason” with this person, trying to persuade him to calm down and go away.
The naked man would have none of it! He suddenly grabbed a piece of firewood (stick) and struck the delivery guy on the head, knocking him unconscious. He then turned on the homeowner and chased him into his house. Once inside, the frightened homeowner locked the door.
The naked suspect then returned to the delivery guy ( who was still unconscious) and beat him to death!
Responding police cornered the (still naked) suspect at a local B&B, after he threatened a woman there. She was unhurt.
Suspect had to be tased in order to effect an arrest.
Suspect has a long, weary history of violent criminality. Of course, he should have been in prison, or some other kind of “institution!”
1) When it’s least expected, you’re elected!
2) In a personal-safety emergency, there will be no time to “get ready”
Unless police are physically present already, there is zero probability they’ll arrive in time to save you.
3) Getting into a hand-to-hand fight with a person who is out-of-his-mind is no laughing matter!
There is no “reasoning” with such a person. They are unpredictable and extremely dangerous, as we see.
4) Thinking you’re “safe,” because you’re “at home,” or “close to home” represents a dangerous delusion.
“Going armed” means “being armed,” continuously, without fail! A gun sitting in a dresser drawer inside a home will be of no help when the homeowner is attacked while outside, even when the gun is technically only a few meters away
5) Our criminal/justice system, as currently administered, obviously has no intention to fulfill its legitimate function of protecting innocent people from violent criminals. Demonstrably vicious predators, instead of being jailed, are out and looking for victims, as we see!
Final lesson:
With the foregoing in mind, in our Instructional Courses, the most fundamental principles of learning are often the most difficult to articulate.
An example:
With our initiation into the “adventure of adulthood,” we are (and should be) shaken-out of our naive, cloistered, self-centered, childish way of looking at things (an increasingly difficult process for “millennials”)
1) Life is hard.
2) Life is dangerous (and lethal; see point#8, below)
3) Life isn’t “fair”
4) Life is not just about you
5) You’re not that important
6) You’re not in control
7) Your excuses will never interest anyone
8) You’re going to die
That’s “The Deal.” Within that “prison of circumstance,” we all need to strive to find ways to be heroes, during our short tenure here on Earth!
Otherwise, you’ve locked yourself into “permanent adolescence,” ever in a wasted, clueless dreamworld, and are thus ineligible for induction into “Operator Status”
“The purpose of education is teaching children what they should want!”