15 Jan 24
“Modern ‘administrators’ fully expect a chocolate cake to emerge when they dump together vinegar and baking soda, and are astonished when it doesn’t happen!”
New-Age commentary
“Mental-health crisis?”
In a popular park in Austin, TX this past Tuesday, a local college student was violently attacked from behind by single felon, armed with a machete.
The (unarmed) victim suffered severe wounds, including severed arteries, tendons, and nerves in his right arm, an almost complete amputation of his left hand, numerous scalp lacerations.
This victim did not know his attacker, nor had any idea he was in danger until the perpetrator struck the first blow.
Victim is currently hospitalized.
The attacker chased-after at least one other person (who was not injured) and then, a short time later, meekly submitted to arrest when confronted by police.
In the interim, he flung his machete into a nearby river, conveniently disposing of that particular piece of evidence!
President of the local Police Association as much as admitted that there is little APD can do to prevent these kinds of precipitous batteries.
The park where this incident occurred is a “safe zone”
Local liberal media predictably describes this perpetrator as being in the middle of a “mental-health crisis” and
naively councils “de-escalation” is such a circumstance.
1) When imminently confronted with lethal, lawless violence, instantly responding with superior defensive force is the only strategy likely to save your life!
Under such circumstances, “de-escalation” is nonsense. There is no “reasoning” with evil (as Israelis are currently re-learning).
When defensive deadly force is “the solution,” it is usually the only solution!
Curiously, when facing armed police (or armed citizens), “lordliness” displayed by violent felons instantly evaporates, as we see!
2) Our woke media predictably describes all such unprovoked, deadly attacks as being due to some species of “mental-health crisis”
They refuse to even consider that the vast majority of violent felons are perfectly sane, but just evil, and sincerely enjoy hurting innocent people!
3) Declaring any place a “violence-free zone” is a naive exercise in self-deception.
Why don’t we start establishing “disease-free zones,” maybe even “unhappiness-free zones?”
They would make the same amount of sense, and have the identical effect!
4) “Zero tolerance for violence” policies in our public schools are administered as “zero tolerance for self-defense”
Accordingly, schoolyard bullies quickly learn that they can terrorize innocent, but smaller, schoolmates with impunity. Nothing is ever done to stop them, and anyone standing-up to a bully is severely punished!
So in American society, bad behavior, even by juveniles, goes mostly unchecked, and uncorrected.
Bullies learn, from an early age that in our woke community, criminal violence “works,” and that they can get away with it.
And, they continue to!
“With ghastly casualness, we remove the organ and then demand the function. We make
men without integrity, and expect of them virtue and enterprise. We laugh at honor
and are then shocked to find traitors in our midst. We castrate, and bid the geldings
‘be fruitful.’”
CS Lewis