12 Jan 24
“Marxists’ ‘love’ of democratic institutions was a stratagem only, a pious fraud for the deception of the masses.
Within a socialist community, there is no room left for freedom.
Ludwig Von Mises
“Guaranteed Chaos,” the currency of leftists:
As NY’s Democrat governor, with a bigoted sneer, crows about “reducing gun violence,” by making it ever more difficult and onerous for law-abiding New Yorkers to even acquire, much less carry, guns of any kind, she simultaneously institutes her “Raise-the-Age Law”.
This new law diverts gun-bearing, violent criminals, who are under the age of twenty-one, from regular Criminal Court to “Family Court,” putting them out-of-reach of local prosecutors.
Thus, youths who are illegally carrying guns, and even actively using them in the commission of violent felonies, will never confront a tempestuous prosecutor in a court of law, to answer for their crime(s).
Instead, they now go to “Family Court,” where they get nothing more than a slap on the wrist, and are subsequently sent home, and then (to the surprise of no one) promptly re-offend, with guns! This will happen over and over, so long as they are under the age of twenty-one.
Thus in NY, youthful offenders can commit violent crimes, using illegal guns, with impunity!
Simultaneously, as this (ever growing) criminal element is thus empowered, law-abiding, tax-paying citizens are sternly told (from the mouths of heavily-armed Democrat political hypocrites) that they shouldn’t own guns
NYS early-released 3,900 prison inmates (including many violent offenders) from prison, ostensibly due to Covid.
NJ released 5,300, supposedly for the same reason
As anyone could have predicted, a large percentage of these convicts re-offended, almost immediately!
In order to manufacture “guaranteed chaos,” Democrat politicians obviously don’t want violent criminals locked-up. They want them out, actively committing crimes, because chaos (that they cynically manufacture, as we see) is always their convenient pretext for taking away our rights and liberties as American citizens.
While piously scolding law-abiding citizens for wanting to own and carry guns (for the personal protection that they refuse to provide), leftist politicians actively empower, promote, and apologize-for violent criminals, who do their dirty-work for them.
Guaranteed chaos is thus their cynical way of “growing government.”
Marxists (currently masquerading as “Democrats”) are all alike, and they are not good people.
Leftist politics does not attract good people
Never has!
Have we forgotten the way both Stalin and Mao, adhering to this identical leftist philosophy and identical rationalizations, ruthlessly murdered millions?
“Movements associated with Freud and Marx both claimed foundations in rationality and scientific understanding of the world. Both perceived themselves to be at war with weird, manipulative fantasies of religions.
And yet both invented their own fantasies, that are just as weird.”
Jaron Lanier