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Last Quip of 2023!

30 Dec 23   Last Quip of 2023!   With regard to this season’s New Year’s Eve celebration(s):   In order to remain “marketable” within our woke/leftist media, most professing “security experts” you might hear interviewed on TV will predictably stick with half-truths and “pat answers” with regard to the issue of personal safety.   […]

Fatal Shooting!

27 Dec 23   Christmas Eve Shooting!   One of my long-time students was involved in a fatal shooting on 24 Dec 23.   As you might expect, I can only talk about this incident in general terms.   It took place in a metro area.   My student was precipitously assaulted simultaneously by several […]


26 Dec 23   “It’s always good to have lifeguards nearby, but it’s better to learn how to swim!”   Sam Rosenberg   JRB’s Administration is, even today, still refusing to sell 27k US-manufactured M4s to Israel, for emergency defense.   There are those within the JRB Administration who express concern that some of these […]

30-Round M4 Magazines

21 Dec 23   “Serious” rifles:   Manufacturers of serious rifles in 5.56×45 (223 Rem) caliber, who are counting on significant non-military sales, know and understand that their rifle needs to accept, and run with, standard, STANAG (M4) magazines.   An otherwise wonderful rifle, but one that only functions with proprietary magazines, will not sell […]


18 Dec 23   “Victory goes to the player who makes the next-to-the-last mistake.”   Soldier’s Axiom   Yesterday somewhere in Israel, an Israeli soldier, in his IDF uniform, was at the well-lighted check-out counter of a convenience store.   This soldier was carrying a rifle (M4), slung over his back, muzzle-down. Hard to tell […]


15 Dec 23   “‘All the world’s a stage,’ and most of us are desperately unrehearsed.”   Seán O’Casey   Uncharted territory!   The JRB administration is, with a signature sneer, contemptuously ignoring court rulings, as are blue-state legislatures and governors, along with Democrat Mayors.   Federal LE continues to employ extra-Constitutional powers to harass/terrorize […]

… laughing with delight!

14 Dec 23   “This is extremely serious”   Danish Prime Minister, Mette Frederiksen, yesterday   Denmark’s “terror threat-level” is currently set to “serious,” just one step below the highest level.   The foregoing in response to yesterday’s arrests of members of a Hamas terrorist-cell operating within Denmark, who are plotting the mass-murder of Jews […]

Dining with Cannibals! The mood in Western Europe.

10 Dec 23   This from a friend in Western Europe:   “As soon as an Islamic terrorist commits an act of violence over here, all while yelling ‘Allahu Akbar,’ he is instantly (re)defined as ‘mentally ill,’ and our media assures us that this person ‘does not represent the majority of Islamics.’   When the […]

More Victims!

7 Dec 23   At the Macy’s Store in Philadelphia, PA today, a shoplifting suspect was confronted by two unarmed store guards.   He responded by precipitously stabbing both! One store guard died as a result. The other is in critical condition.   The suspect, who has a long history of violent criminality and who […]

DTI, 2024

4 Dec 23   Our DTI 2024 Training Schedule is now posted at the DTI Web Page:   Updates will be added all this month.   You can register directly for any of these DTI Courses on the DTI Web Page. I will personally acknowledge your on-line registration immediately via email.   When […]

Between the Lines!

4 Dec 23   Between the Lines!   Yesterday, in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France, a murderous radical Islamic attacked (apparently randomly) a German tourist and several others.   The tourist died as a result. Others seriously injured.   Yelling, “Allahu Akbar,” this terrorist used a knife and hammer as murder […]