27 Dec 23
Christmas Eve Shooting!
One of my long-time students was involved in a fatal shooting on 24 Dec 23.
As you might expect, I can only talk about this incident in general terms.
It took place in a metro area.
My student was precipitously assaulted simultaneously by several armed-robbery suspects.
One of the suspects pointed a pistol at my student at very close range and demanded he surrender his wallet, which my student did without hesitation.
The suspect then abruptly shot my student with at least one round. A single bullet barely nicked my student’s ear!
My student immediately broke and ran, with the suspect in close pursuit.
Taking cover behind a dumpster, my student drew his own iron-sighted G19, found his sights, and began firing at the still-armed suspect who was continuing to come toward him.
Range was between four and ten meters.
Suspect was hit in the torso multiple times. He went down abruptly, dropping his pistol on the pavement next to him.
My student’s G19 functioned normally. Ammunition was Defiant 9mm 115gr TCX. No exit wounds.
Suspect was DRT.
Seeing what had just happened, his co-conspirators fled the scene without delay. They are still at-large.
My student was not injured, aside from the nick in his ear.
My student holds a current CCW permit for his state and remained at the scene while he called police.
When police arrived, my student was taken into custody and held locally for twenty-four hours, after which is was released.
Following his training, my student kept his statements to a minimum and asked that his lawyer be personally present prior to additional questioning
Ultimately, no criminal charges were filed. Even the local (liberal) prosecutor could find no legitimate reason to charge my student with a crime.
My student is an ACLDN member and currently enjoys their assertive assistance.
Curiously, this shooting incident was all but ignored by local “mainstream media,” as it does not fit their leftist agenda.
1) Go armed! In a “gunfight,” who finds himself without a gun will not experience a happy ending.
2) There is no substitute for personal competence! You have to know what you’re doing, before, during, and after, and have absolute confidence that you can do it. They’ll be no one there to help you in the short term. You must know and understand what to do, what not to do, what to say, what not to say.
That’s the difference between a live professional, and a dead amateur!
3) “Compliance” with demands of violent criminals does not keep one from harm, as liberal media charlatans would have us believe!
It is obvious this suspect fully intended to murder my student on the spot, no matter what his did.
4) When you’re not already, become a member of ACLDN (Armed Citizens’ Legal Defense Network), right now! Their expert assistance is invaluable.
5) Most lethal-force episodes, like most motor-vehicle accidents, are avoidable, and should be avoided whenever possible.
You know the drill:
Don’t go to stupid places.
Don’t associate with stupid people.
Don’t do stupid things.
Have a “normal” appearance.
Be in bed by 10:00pm.
Don’t fail the attitude test
Yet, the foregoing incident took place in a “nice part of town,” during the day, involving an ordinary-looking male (my student), in a quiet, residential area.
Yes, we can stack the odds in our favor, but there are no “guarantees,” as we see!
My student is alive an well today, and a free man (not in jail), due to his continual preparedness, competent training, personal courage, correct mind-set.
“‘Taking the law into your own hands?’
The law IS in our hands!
‘Law enforcement’ is not something sovereign citizens seize from police officers. It is a societal function that citizens delegate to civil police.
In so doing, we do not abdicate our own sovereignty, nor our duties as citizens. Ultimate responsibility is still ours. When those we hire as our “Protectors” are either unwilling or unable to perform that function at the critical moment, there is no law, nor standard, that says we cannot perform it for ourselves.
Indeed, when personally threatened, we have no choice!”
Citizen’s Axiom