4 Dec 23
Our DTI 2024 Training Schedule is now posted at the DTI Web Page:
Updates will be added all this month.
You can register directly for any of these DTI Courses on the DTI Web Page. I will personally acknowledge your on-line registration immediately via email.
When you have a local group of students, along with a suitable range facility, and want to schedule a DTI Course at your location, let me know.
We travel!
Farnam Quips can be read at the DTI Web Page.
Or, go to:
There, you can arrange for Quips to be sent to your email address directly as soon as they’re published. There is no charge, and you can subscribe/desubscribe any time.
We used to forward Quips to “Locals,” but they have now gone away, so the only way to access them is as noted above.
World history is moving rapidly, and the vital body of knowledge we teach is critical and more relevant than ever before.
We are honored to have you join us!
/John S Farnam, DTI