7 Dec 23
At the Macy’s Store in Philadelphia, PA today, a shoplifting suspect was confronted by two unarmed store guards.
He responded by precipitously stabbing both! One store guard died as a result. The other is in critical condition.
The suspect, who has a long history of violent criminality and who should have been in jail (what a surprise!), was arrested shortly after he fled.
At a subsequent press conference, the local leftist, Soros-sponsored DA, who aggressively prosecutes political opponents, but seldom violent criminals, says “There is nothing to worry about,” despite murderous havoc that reigns in the City!
Philadelphia is not atypical!
Lesson for Operators:
Murderous criminals and terrorists, even those armed only with low-tech weapons, like knives, are far more dangerous than most think!
Many of us who carry concealed pistols, and who have demonstrated our ability to hit stationary targets on well-lighted ranges, dissolve into panic when unexpectedly attacked by aggressive, murderous criminals at close range.
It may be worth considering that “The Fight of Your Life” may well be with a hood who wants to plunge his knife into you and will do everything possible to finish the fight, and finish your life, before you can react in any coordinated way!
The 2023 Christian Holiday Season is here, compounded with a hotly-contested political season.
Hanukkah begins tomorrow!
Thanks to open borders, low-tech terrorists are everywhere (as we see). Danger is in the air as never before!
I’ll say it again:
1) Stay away from crowds, particularly events with political or religious overtones.
2) Maintain a low profile
3) Be very good at minding your own business.
4) Disengage and separate quickly from unknown contacts
5) When in a car, stay in motion. Windows up. Heads up. Doors locked.
6) Go armed
7) Stay aware, alert, informed, prepared.
“The ‘Victim Mindset’ dilutes human potential. By not accepting personal responsibility for our circumstances, we reduce our power to change them.”
Steve Maraboli