15 Dec 23
“‘All the world’s a stage,’ and most of us are desperately unrehearsed.”
Seán O’Casey
Uncharted territory!
The JRB administration is, with a signature sneer, contemptuously ignoring court rulings, as are blue-state legislatures and governors, along with Democrat Mayors.
Federal LE continues to employ extra-Constitutional powers to harass/terrorize non-woke organizations and political candidates.
On the horizon, DJT continues to surge in popularity.
The Left is frightened!
With history as our guide, we fully expect that the Left will do anything to prevent DJT from being (re)elected.
Nothing is beneath them, as we’ve seen over and over!
Thus in 2024, Democrats’ “military wing,” ANTIFA/BLM, will give rise to destructive riots once more. Other “manufactured distractions” may include:
1) Another dubious “pandemic”
2) A destructive world-wide internet virus
3) Large-scale civil unrest, involving virtual armies of illegal immigrants.
4) Entire blocks, maybe large sections of metro areas, literally “taken-over” by heavily-armed ANTIFA/BLM terrorists, criminal gangs, maybe Islamic terrorists, with no organized opposition from local “authorities”
5) China’s military invasion of Taiwan
The Left, with full cooperation from their ever-obedient media stooges, will thus manufacture frightening event(s) for the purpose inciting outbreaks of domestic hysteria, as well as widespread violence/lawlessness.
Mass domestic anarchy/violence will thus represent a convenient pretext for suspending elections, indefinitely, elections that the Left is confident they will otherwise lose!
We may well find ourselves uncheerful denizens of an anarchically feudalistic, medieval shit-hole.
In many metro areas, we’re there now!
“How do you tell a dream from a nightmare?
When it involves book-burning , it’s probably a nightmare.”
Rick Riordan