26 Dec 23
“It’s always good to have lifeguards nearby, but it’s better to learn how to swim!”
Sam Rosenberg
JRB’s Administration is, even today, still refusing to sell 27k US-manufactured M4s to Israel, for emergency defense.
There are those within the JRB Administration who express concern that some of these rifles could end-up in the hands of (Heaven forbid!) Israeli civilians, who might actually keep them in their homes for personal/home defense (a drill many Israelis sincerely wish they had practiced prior to 7 Oct 23).
However, “armed Jews” still apparently represents a truly frightening thought to leftist politicians, both here, and ironically in Israel itself!
They worry that these weapons might be used to threaten innocent domestic Palestinians (even though no such assaults have occurred).
And yet, JRB nonchalantly abandoned many times that number of American military M4s in Afghanistan during his panicked, helter-skelter “withdrawal” in the summer of 2021. One can only wonder where all that forsaken
American military equipment ended-up. I think it is safe to say that none of it ended-up in the hands of Israelis!
The real issue here is that even governments that profess to be “enlightened,” still don’t trust the very citizens who put them in power.
The concept of “armed citizens” (Jews and everyone else) is always morbidly scary to aspiring autocrats who contemptuously look down upon the rest of us and see nothing more than an a motley assortment of fools, bigots, clowns, and buffoons!
They obviously don’t even trust members of our own (un)armed services, who have courageously volunteered to defend our nation.
Leftist politicians will never respect us as sovereign citizens. We will always scare them. They have regard for none of us, despite their less-than-honest rhetoric.
This absolute reality was well known to our Founders, which is precisely why we have a Second Amendment as part of our Constitution, and it is therefore no mystery why leftists are trying so desperately to get rid of it!
“I never feel unsafe, except for when the majority is on my side.”
Criss Jami