10 Dec 23
This from a friend in Western Europe:
“As soon as an Islamic terrorist commits an act of violence over here, all while yelling ‘Allahu Akbar,’ he is instantly (re)defined as ‘mentally ill,’ and our media assures us that this person ‘does not represent the majority of Islamics.’
When the same media is able to keep secret the name and national origin of the terrorist, they will gladly do so. However, when a ‘real Frenchman,’ commits a crime, his name will be all over the news, and he is always accused of being ‘right wing.’
There is currently an epidemic of attacks upon, and murders of, Europeans by Islamics! No matter how many times it happens, nothing it is ever done. Understandably, rage among native Europeans is mounting!
Unwillingness of western European governments to even address this issue pushes us all towards the far right.
In The Netherlands, Geert Wilders (labeled by the media as ‘right wing’) has just won in the latest election. No one is surprised. Over here, as in your country, we are fed-up with woke gas-bags!
Right now, social tension is extremely high in France, as well as in Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Italy, Spain.
In western Europe, leftist/woke politicians are unwilling to understand that Islamics from the Mid-East and north Africa represent a specific immigration that is altogether incompatible with our democratic/Judeo-Christian values.
Islamics take-over entire areas of our cities, and police are deathly afraid to so much as set foot inside these self-declared, ever-expanding ‘sovereign nations!’
Eastern Europeans (Poland, Hungary), know this all pattern all too well, and have thus wisely refused to let non-assimilating radicals past their borders.  They are so much smarter than we are!
Even Egypt and Jordan don’t want them. Nobody wants them!
Western Europe is coming to the inescapable conclusion that we need to finally take strict measures to stop this uncontrolled immigration (most of it illegal), immediately expel all illegals, and restore order.
Or, we kiss our civilization, and all of Western Civilization, good-by!”
“When you dine with them cannibals, well sooner or later darling, you’re gonna get eaten”
Nick Cave