30 Dec 23
Last Quip of 2023!
With regard to this season’s New Year’s Eve celebration(s):
In order to remain “marketable” within our woke/leftist media, most professing “security experts” you might hear interviewed on TV will predictably stick with half-truths and “pat answers” with regard to the issue of personal safety.
You’ll hear them mouth nebulous advice such as, “Just be aware!”
In order to avoid the risk of “scaring the horses,” you simply put blinders on them, so they naively go forward, oblivious of otherwise-perceptible danger, or so goes the theory!
Politicians and the liberal media routinely practice this fraud.
Awareness is fine, but once you’re “aware” of a personal safety emergency unfolding in front of you, what then?
Of course, they’ll push the requiem “run and hide” propaganda, but they carefully avoid even mentioning going armed, much less when “run and hide” proves inadequate, repelling deadly danger with gunfire.
Going armed is “subject non-grata,” meticulously avoided by liberal media.
Being thus less-than-honest, they predictably follow the aforesaid “Don’t Scare the Horses Convention.” After all, horses are a “prey species,” and easily frightened. Upon hearing the whole truth, they might precipitously change channels, maybe even change political parties.
Heaven forbid!
Instead, these “experts” push unquestioning reliance upon under-strength police and dubious (but high-profile) “security theater.” They never push (nor even mention) self-reliance, much less personal preparedness!
At this holiday party or that, you thus may be treated to indiscreet “security drama,” in the form of assorted “screening routines,” and these might indeed weed-out inconsequential threats represented by intoxicated party-crashers, who are probably harmless anyway.
But, dedicated terrorists and other VCAs will casually brush all this aside and violently break-through, long before anyone can deter them!
When confronted with this stark scenario, these media “experts” invariably avoid the question altogether and cravenly fall-back on their tired mantra:
“Just be aware,” … ad nauseam
My advice:
In our current “Age of Terrorism” (mostly undeterred), the best way, certainly the safest way, to celebrate the arrival of the New Year is quietly, at home, with a small group of trusted family/friends. After midnight (or whenever the party finally ends), all can safely retire, at home.
However, when planning on attending a formal New Year’s Eve party, keep this in mind:
1) Don’t drive after midnight! Driving anywhere during the early hours after midnight on New Year’s Day is extremely dangerous. Not recommended! When you depart the party, arrange to retire at a nearby hotel, to which you can walk, or take a short taxi/Uber.
2) When you go armed, you can’t drink, not even a little bit! Drinking while simultaneously carrying a gun is universally regarded by our criminal/justice system as “inherently negligent,” and should be!
When with a group, the one(s) who goes armed can be assigned the role of the group’s “designated protector/chaperone.” He/she/they may participate in normal party festivities but must not drink at all, all while continually looking-after the rest of the group.
3) No matter where you find yourself on New Year’s Eve, when a dangerous situation develops that is conspicuously threatening to your personal safety, for any reason, get out of there immediately!
Disengage and separate before it gets any worse. You don’t need to make excuses. Just get away!
4) Still, when directly threatened by terrorists/VCAs, the immediate and precise application of deadly force may be acutely necessary. Be fully prepared to do what you have to do!
In summary:
Any time you perceive threat(s) to your personal safety, you need to ask yourself one question:
“What can I do to keep from getting hurt?”
The best answer to that question is, of course, “Don’t be there!”
The second-best answer is, “Get out of there!”
Failing that, things will rapidly go sideways! Be objectively ready to protect yourself from harm, by whatever means reasonably necessary!
“Things never go wrong at the moment you expect.
It’s when you’re completely relaxed, oblivious to danger,
That’s when bad things happen!”
Kelly Martin
Happy New Year!