Monthly Archives: June 2023

Unhelpful Advice!

30 June 23   No “Safety!”   The City of Newton, within the virulently anti-Second Amendment Commonwealth of Massachusetts, fits the classic definition of “high-rent district”   Local politicians brag that affluent Newton is the most “gun-free” community in the entire State!   Unhappily, that haughty status did little to protect three elderly Newton residents […]


29 June 23   Scot Peterson Acquittal:   Former Broward County Deputy, Scot Peterson, was arrested following an investigation into the mass shooting incident of 18 Feb 2018 at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, FL.   Fifteen students and staff were murdered in the incident, all by a single perpetrator. The suspect […]

Bears will be bears!

28 June 23   “Who thinks he knows what a bear will do next is already in trouble!”   Elmer Keith   Recent unprovoked bear attacks in AZ, NJ, NC (fatal in AZ) have brought-out a host of “bear experts,” interviewed on TV, all passionately speaking in defense- of bears! We are all assured by […]

“When we have the guns…”

27 June 23                              “They have guns, and therefore we are for ‘peace and reformation through the ballot.’   When we have the guns, it will be through the bullet.”   Saul Alinsky   The Russian Communist State clearly admits that it […]

Delusion Affirmation!

22 June 23   “When small men cast big shadows, you can be sure the sun is setting”   Lin Yutang   “Gender Affirmation,” or “Delusion Affirmation?”   In our curious civilization, where adult men are routinely prosecuted for “sexual battery,” because we’ve decided that girls under the age of majority cannot legally “consent” to […]

Last Resort!

19 June 23   “Truth is still truth, even when only a few believe it.   Lies are still lies, even when the vast majority believes them”   Anon   “Last-Resort Mentality”   The customary Communist propaganda maneuver of always controlling the narrative, and ruthlessly suppressing/criminalizing all other perspectives, is alive and flourishing right now […]


13 June 23   In a curious proclamation, our DHS states that the main terrorist threat is currently from undefined “right-wing extremists,” “white supremacists,” etc, all passionately seconded by JRB   Interesting that they make no mention of targeted violence coming from ANTIFA, BLM, domestic Communists, radical Islamics, hordes of illegal immigrants (from every part […]


9 June 23   High-Performance Ammunition:   As I’ve indicated before, 9mm (9×19) and 223 Rem (5.56×45) are the two calibers that make most sense when traveling, because both calibers are popular, and hence ammunition is available, most places you go within CONUS.   Any round in either caliber, even “practice ammunition” is quite lethal, […]


7 June 23   “The ordinary citizen cannot be made into a trained soldier by the simple expedient of placing a weapon in his hands.”   McBride The Critical Necessity of Competent Training:   No amount nor type of training can substitute for personal experience, but competent training can provide a level of ability that […]

“Dangerous Freedom!”

5 June 23   “What is ‘Freedom of Expression?’   Without the ‘freedom to offend,’ it ceases to exist.”   Salman Rushdie   Both Bowie knifes and stilettos (the term, “stiletto,” has never enjoyed a universally-accepted definition) were subject to legislative bans in the 1800s, particularly in places like New Orleans, where hand-wringing politicians at […]