22 June 23
“When small men cast big shadows, you can be sure the sun is setting”
Lin Yutang
“Gender Affirmation,” or “Delusion Affirmation?”
In our curious civilization, where adult men are routinely prosecuted for “sexual battery,” because we’ve decided that girls under the age of majority cannot legally “consent” to sexual contact with an adult.
This is as it should be!
Yet, four-year-old boys are now apparently perfectly capable of legally “consenting” to being surgically castrated (irreversibly), after being bullied into the procedure by Marxists in our “educational system,” all without even the knowledge of, much less the consent of, their parents!
So-called “doctors,” who perform these secret, sinister, irreversible surgeries, all supposedly took the solemn Hippocratic Oath when they graduated from medical school!
It seems in our modern age, the phrase, “to do no harm,” has been changed to “to unquestioningly promote the political agenda of the ruling political party, no matter whom it harms”
The political weaponization of the medical profession apparently knows no bounds!
Yet inexcusably, many well-compensated “doctors” are only too happy to go along with it, much as were Nazi “doctors” in the last Century who gleefully mangled and mutilated political prisoners (mostly innocent Jewish citizens, including children, none or whom “consented” to such painful mistreatment), all piously in the name of “science,” of course.
We can never question their version of “science,” can we?
“Delusion affirmation” does no good service, to the individual, nor to our civilization, any civilization!
Who foist this depravity upon innocent children, all within our public school system, are truly evil!