28 June 23
“Who thinks he knows what a bear will do next is already in trouble!”
Elmer Keith
Recent unprovoked bear attacks in AZ, NJ, NC (fatal in AZ) have brought-out a host of “bear experts,” interviewed on TV, all passionately speaking in defense- of bears! We are all assured by these “experts” that such attacks are “extremely rare.”
Actual victims of these attacks might disagree!
As we’ve come to expect, these self-appointed “experts,” as well as our liberal media, are less than honest!
This fatal AZ bear incident is the 15th such reported attack involving injury to human(s) in that state since 1980. Keep in mind that the vast majority of non-injurious bear encounters are never reported and thus never show-up in any statistical reports.
To suggest that potentially injurious bear encounters, while one is in “bear country,” are “exceedingly rare” is dangerously disingenuous!
In the AZ incident, these facts have since come out:
1) The black bear involved was a well-fed, healthy male, not a female protecting her cubs, nor a starving juvenile. He was neither sick, nor injured, nor was he provoked in any way.
The foregoing are all common excuses “bear experts” make for rogue animals.
2) The bear came into camp, then closed with and attacked the unsuspecting victim. No excuse can be used that the victim “surprised or frightened the poor bear,” causing the animal to defend itself.
3) The bear involved was ultimately confronted in the act of dining on his (now deceased) human victim, yet an autopsy revealed that the bear’s stomach was already full of “normal wild foods.”
4) One “bear expert” during a media interview actually got choked-up over the fact that this bear was shot and killed as he ate his human victim.
This “expert” apparently had not a single tear for the innocent, unsuspecting human victim of this wanton attack, who was simply drinking his morning coffee!
Interesting the way our society’s view of nature and our own species has changed with regard to the way we deal with dangerous predators, both two-legged and four-legged.
A century ago, wolves, cougars and bears were seen as dangerous predators, to both man and domestic livestock. So, measures were taken to control their numbers.
Today, aggressive, dangerous predators are viewed as “valuable players in biodiversity,” by woke biologists, who live in cities.
In fact, woke Democrats have taken the same approach with murderous and aggressive human predators!
Where wolves have been re-introduced, they’ve promptly wiped-out local elk and deer populations. Then, they’ve gone-on to killing-off domestic livestock and pets.
Local farmers, ranchers, and hunters warned that this would surely happen, but were contemptuously ignored by woke biologists and “animal-rights groups,” all of whom live in cities.
In conclusion, in today’s politics, dangerous predators (human and animal) have been granted the right-of-way!
By contrast, potential victims have no rights and enjoy no protection, all from the very civilization they are obligated to support.
Therefore, with little to fear, aggressive predators view you as “lunch,” and nothing more.
As we see!
Accordingly, when in bear country (an/or “violent-crime country”), the wise provide their own protection!
Simultaneously, the naive/clueless/unprepared get to discover base-levels of “biodiversity!”
“Bears will be bears!”
Michael Bond