7 June 23
“The ordinary citizen cannot be made into a trained soldier by the simple expedient of placing a weapon in his hands.”

The Critical Necessity of Competent Training:

No amount nor type of training can substitute for personal experience, but competent training can provide a level of ability that will allow you to live through your first “experience,”
Still, you must bring your own courage and determination, which you either have or you don’t.
Productive training with deadly weapons is neither “fun,” nor entertaining, nor enjoyable.
Rather, it is serious, strenuous, often frustrating work!
It is endless repetition, interminable correcting by skilled instructors of every departure from the True Way.
It involves lifestyle/philosophical alterations.
It involves perpendicular shedding of unrealistic expectations, dear falsehoods.
Genuinely productive training is thus both painful and dangerous!
Indeed, “training” that is neither painful nor dangerous is little more than naif masturbation!
Every gun-owner needs to think about “the use of guns for serious purposes,” and then expose himself to serious, competent training, while he still can.
“The Test” will come without warning, like a thief in the night!
Ready or not?
“A much-maligned Aaron Burr said of his fatal duel with Alexander Hamilton (11 July 1804 in Weehawken, NJ):
‘Hamilton’s hand shook.
Mine didn’t!’”