9 June 23
High-Performance Ammunition:
As I’ve indicated before, 9mm (9×19) and 223 Rem (5.56×45) are the two calibers that make most sense when traveling, because both calibers are popular, and hence ammunition is available, most places you go within CONUS.
Any round in either caliber, even “practice ammunition” is quite lethal, of course, and suitable to some degree for serious purposes, but “high-performance” versions of both are preferable, when you have the choice.
For personal defense, my first preference in 9mm is 115gr +p with an all-copper, expanding bullet. 115gr +p with an all-copper FTM bullet comes-in a close second. Both squirt-out the muzzle of a typical defensive pistol (G19/48, et al) at 1300 f/s. Through-and-through penetration (human body) is unlikely. Terminal effect is very acceptable, and about as good as any handgun round is ever going to be!
For your 223 rifle (M4, RA/XCR, CETME, VHS2, Tavor, er al), first choice is a 55gr all-copper expanding bullet. Many like heavier bullets, but I like 55gr! Once again, terminal effect is excellent, while through-and-through penetration is unlikely. Velocity is 3k, and change.
I’ve taken several big-game animals with this round (50-150lbs, within 100m), and terminal effect has been very good.
All-copper 223 bullets also do a good job penetrating car-doors and windshields.
Recommended vendors include Defiant Munitions, Underwood, Supervel
DTI discount code at Defiant is “DTI23”
DTI discount code at Supervel is “DTI”
Supervel is not currently shipping high-performance 223, although they do have 55gr hardball 223 in-stock.
Supervel is currently shipping high-performance 9mm (115gr SCHP +p), as described above.
Defiant has both recommended rounds currently in-stock and immediately deliverable.
Underwood is also currently shipping both calibers.