13 June 23
In a curious proclamation, our DHS states that the main terrorist threat is currently from undefined “right-wing extremists,” “white supremacists,” etc, all passionately seconded by JRB
Interesting that they make no mention of targeted violence coming from ANTIFA, BLM, domestic Communists, radical Islamics, hordes of illegal immigrants (from every part of the world), and other radical extremists on the left end.
Apparently, we rate no protection from them!
Curiously, the term “extremist” is only ever used, by the current Administration and their ever-obedient media commissars, to describe political opponents of Democrats.
In fact, a group called “Socialist (Communist) Gun-Owners of America” purports unwavering support for the Administration’s various left-wing crusades, including the absolute abolition of the private ownership of guns by “ordinary” citizens. Yet, like BLM, ANTIFA, they encourage their own members to buy guns and ammunition, specifically for “defense against right-wing extremists”
Apparently, private gun ownership enjoys their enthusiastic endorsement, but only for themselves, not for the rest of us. Leftists have never been known for consistency!
On the horizon, 2024 will see an accelerated version of “mostly peaceful” rioting and targeted vandalism/mayhem directed against non-socialists, all protected by leftist DAs and assorted politicians and bureaucrats, and of course all with the conspicuous blessing of the DNC and the current Administration, just as
it is now!
Disenfranchising political opponents, destroying their property, withholding from them police protection, denying them the protection of law, capriciously throwing them into prison, used to be confined to feudal, third-world fiefdoms
Not any more!